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Alpinestar supertech boots - special

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by stu_h, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Just a heads up ...

    Peter stevens are clearing out some colors in the Alpine star supertech-r boots.

    RRP $599

    Special $399

    A quick google shows most overseas suppliers selling em for $449USD (plus shipping)

    Hope this helps some others out.

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  2. is it at all stores??
  3. Latest model I'm guessing? I'd snap up another pair of these, even though I already have one - they're that good!!
  4. I'm not sure if it is all stores, but I would guess yes.

    I got black and red.

    Also on sale was the white with spots and the black/ blue.
    Wasn't a posted special the fellow chris? At ringwood told me about it.
  5. I was looking at these when I was shopping around for a pair boots, they seemed pretty good but were way outside my price range - grabbed a pair of Sidi Vertigo boot.

    He posted a crash review as well, whether or not it was really him or whatever I don't know but none the less here it is.

  6. That crash report really says a lot.

    V happy.
  7. Thanks for posting Stu.
    Got my eyes set on a white 'camo' Supertech R 'GP' version...

    And yes, we all know it's not really camo.. (y)

    At $399, it's a bargain.

    Black and Red looks crazy too...congrats mate.
  8. What's the "GP" version ?

    The white "camo" is one of the designs on special..
  9. GP version is white 'camo' ones mate, often mistaken to be this..but if one looks carefully, the symbols making that camo appearance are actually all the MotoGP circuits used...clever.
    Monday will find me paying PS another visit.
  10. Slight issue.... cant get the side stand down with the heel of these new boots..

  11. tempted to buy a 2nd set, best pair of boots I've tried hands down