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Alpinestar SP-2 Gloves. DryRider Summer Glove

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 23790554, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I've been wearing MotoDry winter gloves for about 6 monthes now and they are REALLY starting to stink (been in the wet, plus I have sweaty hands), so I got a Alpinestar SP-2 and a DryRider summer gloves which has mesh instead of leather on the top.

    The SP-2 was $199 and the DryRider was $59. Both of them have carbon fibre knuckles. The quality is quite different, and is noticeable straight away, I think its the quality of the leather. When I first put them on, the SP-2 it felt really tight and is hard to put on and take off in a hurry, like I had to squeeze my fingers in, but once is in, it is so perfectly, I couldn't believe how good it fits. The DryRider was easy to put on, but was uncomfortable around my wrist, but only on my right hand. It's quite good on hot days and will be used as a commuting glove.

    So, in the end, buy the SP-2 if you have thought about it, they are worth the price, looks is very high on my priority and this definitely did well. The fit and finish of the SP-2 is just so much better than the DryRider. But if you want a summer glove for commuting, DryRider is the one, and because of the price is low, I can afford to get a new one every summer.
  2. +1 on the SP2. I have them since 2 months ago.. I like them because they feel comfy and flexible.. not as chuncky where you can't feel the control properly... Prolly not really good for long distance winter riding.. My hand began to freeze after 30 mins of riding.. but usually reach my destination at that time.. so.. no problem for me..

    Not sure about warm days tho... time to give it a try...
  3. I like mine but having worn them everday for 9 months I have found that the leather around my left pointer finger is wearing away but I will probably buy another pair.

    could be due to me using that finger for wiping water off my visor.
  4. I love my SP-2's. Not a sull race style glove, but still offer lots or protection. I even used them all winter in QLD. Will probably use them most of summer to. Used to have a pair of SM-X apline start for summer, but think somehting like the SP2, but vented might be the way to go!!
  5. do you guys think the sp2 is the best all round glove? or are the sp1's worth the extra $$'s?
    or do you go strait to the gp tech gloves?

    I'm looking at a new pair of gloves for the warmer months, which offer good protection