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Alpinestar RC-1 one piece suit

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by justified, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Anyone know whereabouts in sydney I'd be able to find an Alpinestar RC-1 one piece suit?

    Ive tried Action in parra, MCAS in parra and bikebiz in parra with no luck.

    Also, I was curious, if I'm a size 48 for the Alpinestar RC-1 leather jacket, would that mean I'm a size 48 Alpinestar RC-1 leather one piece suit? i.e. does the top half of a size 48 Alpinestar RC-1 suit, have the exact same dimensions as a size 48 Alpinestar RC-1 leather jacket?

    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. if your going to drop the best part of 2 grand on a set of one pieces(like i recently did) dont buy off the shelf shit. Get it made. It fits perfectly then, and that will encourage you to wear it more...incorrectly fitting leathers are a joke.

    DBT leathers at yagoona...