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Alpine Weekend Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Chlowen, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Well, we did the alpine loop, started in Loch, 974km, 3 days later, back at loch. It was an awesome ride. Bit boring from traralgon to Bairnsdale friday arvo, very cold heading from Bairnsdale to Omeo, had to rug up, very hot(37) from Mt Hotham to Mansfield (Saturday), today was magic from Mansfield to home, the road from Marysville along the spur was great, although I was a bit tired from the days before, I had a few bikes pass me like I was standing still, but they also passed my brother inlaw who rides smoother and faster than myself through the twisties, so didn't feel too bad, sorry to the 2 kwakas and bmw that I slowed up for all of a millisecond. This was an awesome experience for me, this is the longest I have ridden my bike for at any given point in my 2 years riding, sore neck, and upper back, but well worth it for the sights, absolutly awesome coming onto the alpine high plains, what a beautiful part of the world. Here is the link to the ride.


    I hope someone finds it useful.


  2. Show us ya.....pics!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Pics?

    Im thinking of doing a similar trip in the Easter school holidays. Anyone know about the weather there in early April?
  4. it will be cold, during easter keep your eye on the weather for updates on black ice if wet and cold, otherwise have fun....i came back via Whitfield-Mansfield on satuday too, just got to whitfield in time for fuel as bloke was locking up when i pulled in about 4.30 saturday afternoon
  5. I will post pics tonight after work.


  6. Damn,

    Sorry about the size.