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Alpine Way *Ride Buddy?*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Anyone thinking of doing the Alpine Way (actually Sale to Wangaratta) sometime in the week starting 21 Jan?
    I’m thinking of riding over and would be away a couple of nights although one way company would be fine.
    Depends on weather too.

    Mods: This is not a ride event.
  2. Hey 2wheels - I did Alpine way yesterday. Gotta say that if you do the rd be well aware that it's a freakin deathtrap. I wont ride it again - too many f'wits who can't stay on their side of the rd.

    Plenty of oncoming cars taking up the whole rd and plenty of cars in front of me who were going around corners with me thinking 'you %$#@#@! idiot'.

    It's a deathtrap full of piece of shit drivers. Pretty much every single car I came across was on my side of the rd. And I had one idiot overtake a car in front of us whilst going around a blind corner. Too bad if someone had been coming around the corner.

    Takes the enjoyment out of that rd for me...however camping at Geehi reserve was awesome. :) :)

    :) But have fun! ;)
  3. Must have been because it was the weekend. I went up there on Wednesday last week and saw stuff all traffic - 4 cars from bairnsdale to omeo and about 5 cars going over Hotham (only 2 of these cars were traveling in the opposite direction).
  4. Ah..I should be more specific..I'm talking about the rd from Thredbo to Khancoban. And yeah it was Sat and Sun I was there and it was pretty busy. :)
  5. Rosie! D'oh!

    I did Khancoban to Thredbo last Monday and came back on Thursday. It was very busy, with lots of people on the wrong side of the road, mostly by bikes that weren't hoofing it but just seemed to wander onto the wrong side. Never mind, just enter every corner with that in mind...not that it seemed to slow Scumbag and me too much :oops:

    Came up behind one car that floored it as I pulled up behind it and then proceeded to cut corners and drift over to the right to make sure I couldn't get past easy.

    Love that road!
  6. Cejay! D'oh! to you too!

    Spewin I missed you up there. I did have some fun on the rd once I'd set camp up at Geehi...rode into Khancoban for supplies and then back to Geehi again and the traffic had died down somewhat - was still wary of blind corners though. I used to love that rd too - never seen it so busy as I did last wknd. Perhaps that's my prob..I chose the wrong time to get up tere.
  7. Yeah definitely a bad time of year down there, went down through to Bright though the Kiandra to Khancoban section a week or so ago, never seen so much traffic down there, 4WDs towing boats... :shock:
  8. This time of year there's a lot of traffic going to Bermagui and Tathra from these parts so it's unsurprising that you'd see plenty of boats, caravans and morons.

    Take care everyone.
  9. Hi Rosie. Glad you made it back ok!
    I know what you're on about. I have done the Sale - Dargo trip 4 times in the past week and I'd say every car I saw was on the wrong side of the white line in the twisty sections as well. It really spoils a fantastic drive. What is it with people these days?

    If I go over, I'll be taking it very easy.

    There was a VFR800 and 2 CBR600 outside the pub yesterday lunchtime. Anyone from NR?
  10. yep you just picked the wrong times to do those roads....was up there just before the chrissy break and had one of the best runs through there ever only a couple of cars which we easily rounded up :wink: wait for general holidays to end i will be keen for another spin up there :grin: