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Alpine Way - Omeo to Mt Hotham - Snow

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by mjt57, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. On the local news tonight a hazardous road alert for the Alpine way between Omeo and Mt Hotham. Snow and black ice reported and motorcyclists heading to the AGP are advised to seek an alternative route.

  2. It's offically closed to vehicles without snow chains (including bikes)
  3. So shafties are a no no then:LOL:
  4. yep winter is finally here!
  5. I hope its open for cup weekend, We are going cruising through there.
    and snow is worse than dirt,
  6. Now how did I know someone would have made a comment like that...

    (probably because it's the sort of smart-arse comment I'd make)
  7. A few of us where up in Bright on Thursday night (meeting some guys riding down from Sydney) having dinner and quite a few refreshing ones when about 9.30pm the local police officer walked in and informed us that if we were crossing the GAR in the morning to forget about it, as that evening they had just had a foot of snow and he had just come back from pulling two guys and bikes down from there that where no longer upright.

    Was great work by said policeman, but bad news for us. Would have been nice to do, but no way we were going to head up that way after that.
  8. I think what Gilesy means, is the only way to find out is sit in the pub and drink until the police arrive.
  9. Also spoke to Hotham resort yesterday
    It's open (though potentially slippy)
    and if there's no more snow (pretty likely) will stay that way
    They're actually expecting warmer weather & rain later so it should clear up nicely
  10. 11-00 AM or later is the time to go over the top of Hotham, The sun has melted the snow and ice from the road surface, if there is any there at all, at this time of year there shouln't be any there, unless you get an odd storm.
  11. There is sun for the rest of the week. I think conditions would be great and the road surface
  12. I remember going upto Hotham in march 2008 - Labour day weekend.

    2km out of Harriotville - rain
    3km later - Hail - so much hail that the roads were slippery and it looked like it had snowed......
  13. Weather Forecast for Hotham....

    Attached Files:

  14. Yep Skuffy...on Thursday we road through rain storm after rain storm...with the only break from rain storms being a muther****er hail storm that covered the road like snow. That hurt, but surprisingly you could still keep up a decent speed (though the hail hurt like hell).
  15. Not looking good there, wait till later in the week, it might change.
  16. ****ing .
  17. I'm heading up there in about 3 weeks so with a bit of warm weather should be sweet[-o<