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NSW Alpine Way Closed

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by TWEET, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. For those who have not yet heard, the Alpine Way is closed in both directions between Tom Groggin and Thredbo due to a slip that has taken almost half the road with it.

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  2. Sheet was hoping to ride that on the way back from GP :(
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    Not again, that must be the third time this has happened in the last 10 years I guess we usually go through at some point in Nov. Seems Tathra Pub is shut for Renos as well. Another spanner in the works. Last year it was some Industrial plant maintenance taking all the accommodation in Tumut and surrounds for 100ks. Getting to be very hard to organise this ride
  4. Tathra Pub is definitely closed, just the shell standing at the moment!
  5. But lots of building work going on there, last Friday.
  6. Not to surprising,the floor as as wavy was the water off the coast,all those Whales must have made it settle. I always likes the Accommodation there, simple but comfy. Better than the usual pub cot
  7. Mr Flibble told us last week that the new owner also owns a big establishment down the Snowies, that he's sold all the pokies for a huge profit and is putting that money back into redeveloping the hotel. It will undoubtedly be nicer, but rooms won't be $70 a night anymore :(
  8. Some photos of the Alpine Way
    14563544_1368852506488906_4603225536434111921_n. 14563544_1368852506488906_4603225536434111921_n. 14484782_1368852359822254_5079486100902646109_n. 14563571_1368852289822261_1649112558589945145_n. 14572411_1368852223155601_8894800400230509386_n.
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  9. Wow! Hope they fix this by December
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  10. Bugger. That'll be closed for ages
  11. I reckon I can jump the bastard.
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  12. Not on the W650 you wouldn't...... I'd pay to see you try though....
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  13. Nah mate, but the Ducati Scrambler was made for this.....
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  14. Pfft, no worse than some Gippsland roads.. Just put a sign up saying " Road hazard ahead". That'll fix it.
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  15. It'd have to make it up there in the first place, which is unlikely.
  16. Yeah, not enough coffee stops...
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  17. OK - I can see why they thought they need to close the road. Half of one lane missing - double white lines, not allowing for going over the other side of the road... but I still think they should consider.

    Close the road to cars. Motorcycles can still get through on the little bit of bitumen that's left. Then leave it that way permanently (saves money). Why not? It sounds good to me? :)
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  18. If I ever become PM, your gonna be my Roads Minister!
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  19. Just ring Khancoban servo ((02) 6076 9400), prior to heading to this area, they'll let you know if it is open or not.

    As of today, one lane (obviously, as the other is goooooone) is open from 0600-1900hr, under stop/go batten.
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