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Alpine trip - Jindabyne accomodation advice?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cypher, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Planning a trip from Mildura to the Alpine region in a couple of weeks, staying at a friends place in Shepparton on the way there and back, then Omeo, Jindabyne, Talangatta in between. Planned route here
    From what I've found on NR and in bike magazines I was thinking of staying at either the Golden Age Hotel in Omeo or the Albion Hotel in Swifts Creek, and the Tallangatta Hotel in Tallangatta, but I could use some advice on inexpensive bike friendly accomodation in/near Jindabyne.

    Also any advice on the route would be most welcome...

  2. A bit out of the way but the Khankoban Hotel is very motorcycle-friendly.
  3. Try to work in a trip from Omeo to Bright too - it is the great alpine road and is fantastic.
  4. thanks rc, I'm allowing a fair bit of time for the Barry Way (dirt could be slow) so don't want to push too far. I've only ever driven the Jindabyne-Khankoban road in a car, so I'm looking forward to riding it and I want to make the most of that bit of road - I don't want to be doing it when I'm tired at the end of day's riding. Although there's no rule that says I can't ride it more than once :) maybe lunch at Khankoban.....
  5. I stayed at the Jindabyne Backpackers on the recent snowyride. Only cost $25 for the night for a bunk in the dorm room.
    If you've never stayed at a backpackers, there's a full kitchen, showers, full bedding supplied, tv with dvd player etc in the common area.
    All in all, I'm tempted to arrange another trip to the snowies just to ride around the area and stay in one centrally located backpackers each night.
  6. What's wrong cypher, can't take the heat?! ;)
  7. Comfortable bed and a hot shower is all I need, although hanging out with a few young Swedish backpackers in the evening sounds like a good fringe benefit.:p
    I'm really looking for pub style accommodation though - somewhere I can get a feed as well. This is my first bike trip staying in civilization (as opposed to tenting next to the bike) and I'm a bit concerned about bike security - I don't have an alarm as yet, so a lockup would be nice. Not that TDM's are high on the desirable bike list for thieves, and it's insured, but I want to ride home not drive a rental car.

    Yeah, guess I should just HTFU and do that trip camping through the Flinders Ranges I had planned for next winter.... :) Another week of heat here - 43 forecast for Thursday. I've grown up with it but it's getting a bit hard to tolerate I have to admit. Anyway, I've finally found time to get away from work so I'm going for a ride whatever it takes!
  8. the Tallangatta Hotel is very bike friendly.....they can also lock the bikes up in the back area of the hotel over night (and we were staying in the caravan park but a mate had a few too many beers at the pub to ride his bike back to the park) so they offered to keep his there overnight and we collected in the morning

    Great place and people.
  9. Still looking for somewhere to stay in or near Jindabyne - bit hard to find any decent info on the net regarding bike friendly accommodation, so any advice is appreciated....
  10. I was down with about a dozen others a few weeks ago, doing Bonang, Alpine Way, etc. Stayed at Jindy for 3 nights - we just rented 2 houses. With numbers it was very cheap and nice places too.
  11. I liked the Tallangatta camping ground too, we stayed in their portable units and they were fine, clean, amenities etc
    plus Rick is a champ :]
  12. Heard nothing but good reports about Tallangatta, so definitely staying there at least one night, but I was hoping to stay in Jindabyne or nearby the previous night and work my way to Tallangatta the next day.

    Guess I could get to Khancoban instead of Jindabyne, but when I drove from Thredbo to Khancoban a few years ago it took well over an hour - from my memory of the road it will be a great ride, but I don't want to be dealing with all those downhill corners after a day riding up the Barry Way from Omeo - could be too tired to concentrate and enjoy it.

    I'm happy to pay reasonable rates for reasonable accommodation, but I mainly want to know the bike is secure and I'll get a decent feed (and a cold beer)...
  13. 3 of us on sportsbike bikes rode from melb via barry way out to tathra in a day...it's a long day but doable....there are places where you can recovery time ;) but yes i agree stop in jindy would be the best....i would suggest maybe try one of the pubs, i know the one that over looks the lake has cabins just below the pub
  14. Make sure you check the weather report before you hit the Barry Way,its very slippery in the wet,we didnt and had to camp,the last 90ks were done in 1st gear with lots of front end slides on road rubber,do a surch on The Station resort,its about 10ks out of Jindi,huge place with a pub atached,they cator for the cheap end of the ski acomadation
  15. I was up that way a few weeks ago. I stayed at the Lake Jindabyne Hotel which was cheap, had views over the lake and included a cooked breakfast! Also very bike friendly. Good pub meals at the Banjo Patterson Inn, and even better is their Kosciusko Pale Ale brewed on-site! Apparently Chuck Hahn has a house in Jindabyne and asked if the pub would be interested in having their own beer that he would create and oversee. What publican could say no to that?! Furthermore its very, very good...

  16. Excellent, thanks guys, a few options there.... and good advice on the Barry Way and rain, was thinking that myself - I'm still working on an alternative route should the weather go bad.

    Mmmm, Kosciusko Pale Ale......
  17. I'd be calling up the banj and asking if they have lockable parking, because I've walked past there quite a few times, and I think they do. I can't remember all that well though.

    I've spent a lot of time in Jindy over the past 10 years, and if it were me staying down there for a few days or weeks, I wouldn't be worried about my bike being stolen. Especially if you're only staying for a night or two.
  18. Did the Barry Way weekend before last. A mate and I stayed in Lakes Entrance Friday night, they had 20mm or so in the hills that night.
    Next day we went up the Barry to Jindabyne. First 100 k's is tar (to McKillops Bridge turn off), did it easy. The next 100 k's took us a little over 3 HRS!!!:eek: That was travelling relatively light on a pair of 650 Dakars...8-[

    Would definitely reccommend getting advice closer to the day, and have a plan "B".:bolt:
    Would, however, have been awesome in the dry. Just watch out for approaching 4WD's, there are a lot of blind corners with nowhere to go.
    We ended up getting to Jindy by lunch, then up Thredbo in the rain, and slipped & slided down to Khancoban, easy day trip in the dry.

    Cheers, 'Pirate' Pete.
  19. Thanks Pirate,

    good advice I think - I have a new plan, google map here... was getting a bit worried about the Barry Way and the weather, and since this is my first big trip away on the bike, and on my own, chickened out and opted for the (mostly) blacktop route. Also skipping the overnight at Jindabyne now, although it looked like the Banjo Patterson was going to be pretty good, it just works out nicely to stay at Khancoban two nights instead.

    Will definitely do the Barry Way in the not too distant future, planning on getting a set of Heidenau K60's for the TDM to do some dirt road work so might leave it until then. Also found this road in Google maps from Mt Beauty to Dartmouth which looks like it could be a bit of fun on dirt tyres... I'm sure there are thousands more, so I'll be back....

    Start my leave this afternoon, new back tyre being fitted today, check over the bike again and pack all my stuff tomorrow, couple of days with a friend in Shepparton, then 4 days in the mountains! Can't wait. :D:dance::grin:
  20. i will be up that way just after chrissy, it's great riding in the those area's :dance: