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Alpine stars winter gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Cruisin Nurse, May 7, 2012.

  1. Can anyone give me a review on Alpinestars Tech Touring WR-V Gore-Tex gloves. They look pretty good...Peter Stevens in Melb city has them for $119.

  2. Not sure if this helps but Ride Magazine(UK) reviewed the Alpinestars 365 GoreTex Glove (which is the next glove up in waterproof/water resistant range and said the following:

    "Devastatingly waterproof", that's the verdict of MCN product editor Marc Abbott who used them to build snow igloos. But if you want to use your motorcycle gloves for riding, the 365 GTX gloves bring the DNA of racing to the real world of wet weather and autumn cold. The protection of full grain leather and race proven knuckle shells, finger bridges and wrist pads combine with the latest in waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex technology for a truly high end performance gloves ready to take on the British Isles!
  3. Alpinestars 365 GoreTex is stunningly expensive.
  4. You only get one glove?
  5. Any updates on this glove? This is the same price as Tak's gloves, but my snowboarding experience tells me that absolutely nothing beats goretex for warmth and breath-ability...
  6. I sail all year round,get the goretex if you actually want them to do what they say they will
  7. I bought the 365 glove and they held up true to form in wet weather. They are warmer than summer gloves but don't sit in hug boot basket for warm. For $10 I purchased a pair of thin thermal gloves which can be worn inside the 365 when its antarctic conditions.

    I rode home at midnight last night, an hours rides, in Sydney and my hands and fingers were warm.

    jibber from The Hinch
  8. Yes I have a pair of the gortex gloves. They keep the hands dry. Ive got heated grips so the gloves and the grips keep the hands warm and dry evenin the cold Melb weather we are having at the moment.
  9. Damn these are very nice gloves.
    Went to check a pair out, and the inner lining on these gloves are nicer than any other pair they had at the shop.

    But the fingers are a bit long for me, is that much of a problem? I hate all the gloves where the fit is good. :-(