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Alpine Stars SP-1 Leather

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by Locky28, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    *This is only my second pair of bike gloves after some cheap summer mesh ones so I'll let you know what I can, but I don't have much experience*

    The SP-1's are a fairly standard leather glove with a GP-ish look without some of the GP features or the GP price tag. They are still fairly expensive at $180 Aus, however I was able to get them new for $140 on a discount. I could have easily gotten a similar glove at a better price, but I wanted to see if Alpinestars really deserved the brand recognition they seem to have.


    I ordered mine online with my jeans, so again, I wasn't able to try the size on. My last gloves with XS (I have tiny hands, my ex-girlfriends rings were too big for me) and my fingertips touched at the ends sometimes, so I decided to go with S for the A*'s, and they don't do XS anyway. They are firm fitting on my hand, but none of my fingertips touch the ends when held out flat, except for my right thumb, but not so much that it bothers me. They are going to loosen up a bit after all. At the moment, they are a bit of a struggle to put on and pull off. Apparently Alpinestars gloves sizing is usually on the small side, however I hadn't heard this before noticing. If I could simply walk back into a store I'd probably go for Medium but I can live with the Smalls.


    I wasn't sure about ordering black as most of my other gear is black, but the other colours looked too power ranger for my liking, so black it was. The white logos/highlights, and the Carbon Fibre knuckle protectors do stop it from looking too Ghostrider. Overall a good looking glove IMO.

    As mentioned, at least on myself these gloves feel quite firm, but in an assuring way. Fingers a pre-curved and sit well on the bars, though reaching buttons/switches took a bit of getting used to over my previous very free moving mesh gloves, so yeah, the leather is a little stiff at first. They obviously don't let as much air in as mesh gloves, but my hands certainly didn't get hot. They will be good for winter up here I reckon, but if I lived further down south they would likely not be good enough for the cold. Padding under the CF knuckle protectors is sufficient to keep the comfortable.

    The Velcro system works well, and feels very secure, though if you look at the pic I posted, the thing velcro strap is kind of annoying and a bit pointless IMO, just makes it harder to put them on/take them off.

    All Up:
    Overall I'm happy with them so far. I can't really say they're worth the original $180 price tag, but I'm yet superman off my bike onto the road in them, so I'll save my ultimate judgment until then. I'll have to take them on a big days ride to really suss them out, and I'll probably post back once I've done so.