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alpine stars indy jacket review

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by iGSXR, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. First Leather jacket -

    last week I purchased the Indy jacket after deliberating for a few weeks..(Ok maybe a month or two) and I could not be happier. I looked at a few options, RST......etc but narrowed it down to the Daniese Air, the Alpine Stars GP Plus and the Indy.

    Previously I have used my touring Textile ( Teknic Freeway)and another Textile that was given to me, both more winter than summer jackets.

    The hesitation was do I go vented or not? Will I regret it on the colder mornings? How will a vented jacket compare to non vented upon impact......

    In the end, the Indy jacket was the best fit, so I went with it.

    So...On colder mornings I layer up and this works to keep the wind chill out, and today was the first really hot day that I have riden in and its fantastic!!

    The leather is certainly warmer that textile, no question, but the vented leather is so well - vented. It flows volumes of air. At the lights you certainly feel the heat rising from the bike and other cars around you but once on the move the air passes flows freely to cool you. The other plus is that its a little lighter that non vented jackets so it makes it easier to live with when not on the bike. The trade off will be in safety I guess.

    Zips, and general finish of the jacket is very good, not as good as some of the higher range jackets $(700 plus )so you do get what you pay for but for the money I felt it was slightly better that others in the price range of around 400.00

    Cheers, hope that this may assist other newies like me decide one way or the other.
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  2. i went to MCA yesterday and tried a few a* jacket. the first one was the indy. the white indy looks great!! BUT, size 46 is tooo tight for me, in particular the armpit!!!!i then tried 48, felt better, but it is a bit loose overall (pointed out by the shop assistant and i felt so too).
    i also tried tech 1 r, gp pro600. these two jackets are more expensive with a hum at back. size 48 this time fit me perfectly, both! even size 50 is also ok, if not for motorcycling where i need as tight as possible but not sacrifising comfort too much.

    the last one i tried is the gp plus. i didnt find size 46, only 48. similar to indy, 48 is a little too loose, but fit better than indy size 48. maybe the cut of gp plus suits my bodyline :)

    igsxr, dont you have the issue of extremely tight armpit with indy? do you mind telling me where you bought it and how much?

    i am considering a leather jacket from a* as my first leather. may go with any of theose forementioned. vent is not issue for me, cause i dont ride very often. gf and i both work in the city. as i cant carry her on the bike being a red plater, i have to take the bus with her most of time, sigh..........8 months to go to get my full rider licence.
  3. I've got the white indy. Bought it a little small... didn't stretch as much as i would have liked, but still fits. The stitching around the zips at the end of the sleeves came loose after about a week. Threw the receipt out, if i had it MCAS would have repaired it for me but such is life. Other than that, i'm pretty ok with it. It's filthy now (had it since February) and is comfy over long distances. White keeps the heat off on hot days, but there's no denying it's leather.

    Had i my time again i would go textile and save the leathers for the track.
  4. the white looks really sharp!!but it can become dirty too easy. it is one major concern.

  5. Iam in the 46 and i did feel that it was tighter in the armpits that other makes and models, but still fine for my build. I paid 425.00 from PS, and I thought it was a great price.
  6. Thats a good point - I was thinking that the other day 27 degress, in peak hour sucking in all that "wonderful" heat from around me. I do wonder if textile would be the better?? There are some very comfortable cooler textiles out there that feel really good on. They also look good.

    Its the age old argument, abrasion resistance VS comfort.

    Wonder how much the perforation diminish's the abrasion resistance?

    Another thing to consider is that abrasion resistance comes with fitting the garment correctly, no matter what brand - leather or textile

    Having said all this, am very happy with my choice. Am cool as long as theres air flow and feel safe knowing its leather.