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Alpine Star v Joe Rocket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by milliejane, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    About to get all my gear now. I know which boots, gloves, helmet etc to get I just dont know which jacket & pants to get.

    Wondering which is best.

    Alpine Star or Joe Rocket


  2. whatever fits best. Alpinestar is one of the top brands, Sleazy Jo's isn't... As with anything, you get what you pay for!
  3. average jo or alpine star. the choice is obvious!
  4. I have an A* but it was on special. So if one is on special then that is the one I would get, they are both pretty good jackets :cool:
  5. Ah... what exactly is wrong with Joe Rocket?

    There isn't really a "best", there is only what fits you best.
  6. Make sure you have a look at the Sidi Boots. They are high quality Italian boots.

    Also have a look at the IXON brand. Its French and I have a jacket, its excellent and very stylish. They offer an extensive female rider range too.
  7. Phone Walkabout leathers and ask them.

    I'm pretty sure it's they who repair riders jackets when they have spills at Phillip Island. They can tell you how "well" the JR's are constructed ;)
  8. Well I heard from a number of different people their leather stretches and isn't put together that well to begin with, but I have personally never had any experience with Joe Rocket products
  9. I don't see where the original poster mentioned leathers or textile.

    JR leathers can't comment, Joe Rocket textile gear is excellent or at least has been for me. I ride in Alter-Ego jacket and pants by choice.
  10. i have a 'joe shmoe's' 'hardrive' mc boot that i can't fault.

    have had it since late '05 and wear it on and off, in all kinds of weather and it's comfy as.

    just be aware about icon gear, though:

    [​IMG] :LOL:
  11. Dainese! :)

    I'd go with Draggins for the lower half.
  12. Ive got an a* jacket not sure what model tx1 or something and joe rocket speed master... The JR is a more comfy fit for me cos the inside lining is nice and soft compared to the A* rougher lining.
  13. well for me, after doing the whole gear shopping thing last week i ended up getting a dainese jacket...for sure big $$$ but i thought it was a whole step up above in comfort over all the other jackets that i tried on ie joe rocket ixon etc. just me though.....
  14. Perhaps not relevant, but my Joe Rocket gloves started falling apart after about 3 months use, and were never 'waterproof' like they claimed. Take what you like from that info. :p
  15. dainese!!!! :evil:
  16. I found that the more $$$ spent the more comfy the fit and no anoying bits that need to be worn in (like the collar being scratchy). Buy what you can afford. Leather all over is best, kevlar jeans are good but they have no impact protection like the leathers.
  17. Was looking at SHIFT gear today. apparently they are the road brand of FOX, the MX company. Stuff looked pretty sweet, so I bought some gloves and a jacket. I'll post review in a few weeks
  18. might be a little off topic, but the only joe rocket experience ive had is with my $170 back pack, stiching started to come undone after 4weeks.