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Alpine Star- Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BiX, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Well having only been riding since december, i am pretty new to the whole motorbike thing. When i got my first bike, i also got some new gear. After about 4 months i am working out what features i want and don't want etc (eg zippered cuffs, as i have xvent 2 jacket with velcro cuffs) I bought some alpine star smx3 gloves ( I know A* are good in terms of driving (car) gear), but after 4 months they are starting to die, and as its coming into winter i am looking at getting some new gear mainly gloves and a leather jacket ( as i am happy with my gearne boots and dragins, and helmet).

    My question is- is A* really worth the money? if my gloves died after 4 months, are their jackets going to do the same? or is it all just marketing hype with A*, or just i should have got sp2 gloves ( i like the mx style gloves for better feel) ?

  2. no, they're not worth it.

    better gear to be had for that money

    I know of a few pairs of gloves that have fallen apart
  3. Tanya have you moved from yamaha? might have to come down and look at some new gear.
  4. I'm only a new rider myself and was looking around for what gear to get. On the positive feedback that various members on the board gave about RM Gear (www.rmgear.com.au) I checked them out.

    Just received my leather jacket and gloves that I ordered this morning. The Dyno jacket on their website (which is what I got) is almost identical to the Alpinestar Dyno jacket (in terms of looks, feel, removable liner, zippered vents and armour).

    I picked up the jacket for $180 delivered. You may argue that the Alpinestar may be of higher quality because of the price difference (an Alpinestar leather Dyno jacket goes for around $600-650 I think? Quite possibly more), you may also argue that you are paying for the brand.

    All I can say is that I am happy with my purchases, it feels the business, the only difference I can identify is the diffence in the elbow armour used, but the armour is removable so you can replace it with that of your choice.
  5. IMO, no.... owned/used/seen a lotof big brand stuff and buggered if the x4 price tag is worth it over the lower brands.

    and dont get leather for winter, its not waterproof, doesn't like water, and isn't as warm as your average lined cordura jacket (let alone the REALLY good ones).

    if you talk to RM, you'll be able to pick up some winter cordura daks, a winter cordura jacket, a pair of winter gloves AND a pair of replacement summer gloves with plenty of change from $500. christ, chuck another $200 into it and you've got a nice leather jacket aswell....
    or you could buy a shiny new alpinestars leather jacket for ~$800 :LOL:
  6. Ok fair call, but i am talking brisbane winter..... so not as important to be water proof, and super warm.

    Yeah i like some of the other brands. But i like the look of the tz1 and alloy alpine star jacket.
  7. Bix: Tanya's now up the road at Pro Kawasaki :) Yes, I've been trying to convince her to go to Pro Honda instead, but have been rather unsuccessful! :)

    I've got RM gear gloves, for the money they're excellent. I have some minor fit issues but that's probably because my hands are wrists are small.
  8. Bix, yes I'm at Kawasaki, but check out the RM gear the others mention if you want to save some dollars :)

    I know nothing about it, so just make sure it's double stitched etc
  9. hahahahaa :LOL: brisbane winter, a drimesh would be the shot wouldn't it? :p :p

    just have a look around at some of the cheaper places before you lash out on A* gear. RM and underdog are partners here, be a good place to start :wink:
  10. I've got a Dririder Drimesh, and Haikal has the Climate Control. Drimesh isn't warm enough for even Brisbane winter (but is great in summer), I was freezing coming in this morning even with a windstopper vest and my waterproof liner in. Haikal tells me the Climate Control is alright with the winter liner in.

    One thing to think about too - most all the mesh jackets I've seen (mine and Haikal's included) have a really shitty rain liner. Sure, it keeps most of the water out, but it also doesn't breathe, so you end up wet from your sweat anyway. Haikal's given up on his and now wears a Goretex jacket underneath his Dririder.

    My RM gloves (stainless) are double stitched in all the important bits, and it looks like it's also dual layer on the palms. Here are some dodgy photos I took when I got them:



    Notice the knuckle protector doesn't quite sit right, it sits too far back and doesn't *really* protect my knuckles when my fist is clentched. I suspect the bigger sized gloves won't have this problem... I did tell Craig (from RM) about it, but he recons it's just me. Personally, I can't see how having the knuckle plate that far behind where the fingers are meant to end can be a problem only for me, but oh well...
  11. https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners :wink:
  12. In Brisbane leather is most likely worth it for winter, as winter here is the dry part of the year being a sub tropical area most rains fall in the Summer.
  13. Yeah I had the exact same experience with my Alpinestar gloves - just repeating what others have said but here's another vote for them being useless. I'm going to be trying RM gear for my winter stuff.
  14. I have a set of Alpinestar GP plus gloves, and I think they are great. I find them extremely comfortable once they have been worn in, and of course they look the part. I have had no problems with the stitching coming apart and I have had them for over a year. They may be overpriced, but I guess it is whatever you are happy with.
  15. My alpinestars gloves lasted 6 years. From memory they cost me $80.

    My dianese cost $130 and lasted 2 years.

    My current gloves are a C&R sports I think, carbon knuckles and venting on each finger.

    Felt very comfortable from the get-go.
  16. I have a pair of Alpinestars GP Tech gloves. They took about 2 weeks or so to wear in, but now fit and feel great. Some very heavy duty protection. With the wrist area and knuckles made from PU (harder than carbon fibre - so I'm told) Some say they are overkill, but after reading about hand and palm injuries, I'd rather err on the side of caution. The kangaroo leather palms provides a high level of sensitivity and feel. They have knuckle scoop ventilation and perforated leather between the fingers, so stay's cool in hot weather (provided your moving) - I like em! :wink:
  17. the only peice of alpinestar i have are gloves..
    i had a pair of joe rocket one that tore withing the fist 6 months
    then i bought a pair of second hand alpinestar sp2 goves and so far they havnt torn and still in excellent condition...
    but i also have a joe rocket jacket and is holding up fine...
    morel sometimes more expensive products are not always the best..
    :grin: :grin:
  18. Thanks for the replies, maybe it comes down the model, as most people who have had the higher end alpine star gloves, seem to like them...