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Alpine roads in great nick.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bangalla, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Today was a glorious day in North East Victoria, the weather was temperate, the roads dry and clear of storm litter and the Highway Patrol busy keeping you hooligans at Phillip Island in order.

    A group of five headed out from Albury, via Yackandandah and the twisties of Happy Valley to Mount Beauty, where we refilled bikes and bellies before heading up the mountain to Falls Creek.

    The road to Falls Creek is a great Alpine ride, a mixture of tight and flowing bends and a well tended surface. This is the ideal time of year to be riding these roads as they are permanently damp during the cooler months, while in the heat of summer the surface can get a little squirilly. There was very little traffic on the road and most of the cars were happy to pull over to let us pass.

    After making our way back down the mountain we then headed through the brilliant Tawonga Gap to Bright, for refreshments. The Bright Brewery is a spot that I can heartily recommend, they make five different beers on site and offer a tasting set, 100ml of each beer, a perfect size to give you a good taste but still right to hop back in the saddle. They also have a great big shade cloth strung up outside the dining area which is a perfect parking spot for bikes.

    For anyone thinking of riding up this way don't waste any time, the best time of year is now.

    Route Map

  2. thanks, always good to get feedback :grin:
  3. My favourite rod in Oz, Thanks Joel.
  4. Will you be having anything to do with the new Falls Creek -> Dinner Plain Road? Once that's finished it will really turn the Alpine Shire into biking Nirvana, as you will be able to loop around Falls and Hotham.
  5. I did the same ride with a mate 3 weeks ago, terrific ride, i also found that the car drivers pulled to the side as soon as practical to let us though.

    Are you or your mates going on the Tintaldra-Thredbo-bright ride that is on netrider. If so let us know as i am thinking of heading to the Tintaldra pub on the friday arvo from Albury. Sounds like it will be a good couple of days. See link to forum below

  6. I won't be making that gathering unfortunately, two rug rats mean time away from home is limited. The run I went on yesterday was this month's regular one organised by Online Motorcycles, drop in and see Ben if you are interested in coming along to these.