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Alpine Highway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by LongK, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Hi Net Riders!
    Has anyone ridden this road ? I'd like to know your experience , your observations (road conditions , traffic)

    What to look for in terms of danger , wild life and similar obstacles. One day I want to go there.

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    I think its still closed for the snow season,
    But should be open in a week or two,
    Once the snow has gone,
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  3. Not now , later , like February , March.
  4. Its a great road to ride, Has the usual wildlife you get every where, In summer its tops,
    It does have cruising cops, so watch your speed,
    It can get very cold and windy going over Mt Hotham,
  5. It's crap! You should never ever ever go there:p
  6. SUV on the wrong side of the road make it fun.
  7. Was up there skiing this week and saw a few bikes roll through. Roads are clear and no snow. Brrrrrr.
  8. Thanks Gents , I will try to make fun and avoid others ;)
  9. Wildlife (mostly wallabies, but other stuff as well) are a hazard especially early morning and dusk. A bit further north there are a lot of brumbies.
    Be wary of any shape you see by the side of the road.
  10. I wonder. Will sonic whistles help ?
  11. No idea, to be honest. What might help is getting a bit of understanding of animal behaviour - like wombats don't generally change course or speed, that kangaroos nearly always DO change course. Crows sidestep you at the last minute, magpies lose the plot and fly around in circles, wedgetails are confident that you are no threat and koalas stop dead in your path.
    But really, I don't think you can rely on anything, so my habit is to slow way down for anything that looks suspicious.
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  12. No. They do not work.
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  13. Yes you can have a lot of fun on the Alpine Hwy if that's the one going through Hotham. The river valley bit is great. You can get in the zone going down from Hotham to Bright and never have to worry about the coppers.
    The Alpine Way through Thredbo is just as good.
    Never seen too many animals on either road although it's worth taking it easy if it's been windy in the last couple of days (bloody Victoria) because of all the vegetation that gets blown onto the roads. Anything between a twig and a branch gets real exciting mid corner. And watch out for damp patches.
    The best road in this area imo is from Wangaratta? up over the top and then down to Tumut.
  14. This is the Alpine way, Thredbo to Khancoben, I had to stop here as it was late at night, It was snowing just out of Thred Canberra Trip 101. Canberra Trip 105. Canberra Trip 114. bo, , Raining like buggery and the animals were out in big numbers,
    Its an excellent bike road, Light traffic,
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  15. Thank you BonerBoner and deadmandeadman for valuable info. Will keep this in mind :).
  16. Great Alpine road, This is between Omeo and Bruthen, I cant find any over Hotham, But there are plenty of piccys on here for Mt Hotham,

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  17. Is that a flag on your bike? If so, is there a reason for it?
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  18. It was for the Canberra ride for the Anti Association laws, VLAD laws in QLD, But will effect all riders Australia wide, It is being brought in in every state, Canberra Trip 085. Canberra Trip 080.
    Canberra Trip 085.
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  19. IMAG0040.JPG IMAG0040.JPG IMAG0040.JPG

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  20. Usually opens after the first weekend in October (NSW Public Holiday)

    Or am I thinking of the wrong road? I know the road from Cabramurra to Khancoban is closed until after the long weekend in October. I don't think the Alpine Way (Khancoban to Thredob/Jindabyne) closes unless it's covered in snow and basically impassable
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