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Alors.. Merde! Those perfidious Poms.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Nothing the Poms seem to like more than sticking it up the French... :LOL:

    Those brought up (or who brought their children up) with the Mr Men books will love this one...

    Farting Frenchman joins Mr Men cast

    Mr Rude, a new Mr Men character with a French accent and a flatulence problem, is reportedly threatening Anglo-French relations.

    The new bright orange cartoon is the first with a foreign accent to join the children's book and television series, whose more traditional characters include Mr Happy and Little Miss Helpful.

    "Oh, parr-donne me!" says the ball-shaped figure in a heavy Gallic accent, after noisily breaking wind in a game where children are invited to pull his finger on the Mr Men website.

    "Oh, don't seem soo sur-praased," he adds, before emitting another fart. "You pulled it."

    A new series of the Mr Men show, featuring the classic children's characters, will start later this month on Five- a UK television channel.

    "Mr Men is a comedy show for four to seven-year-olds ... The fact Mr Rude has a French accent is meant to be light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek and no offence to the French people is intended," a Five spokesman told the UK's Daily Telegraph.

    The French embassy in London refused to comment, but a source quoted by the newspaper said: "It is obviously meant in a light-hearted way, but it won't improve Anglo-French relations."
  2. I like the way the flowers die in the vase... :LOL:
  3. So the French don't actually give a toss, but we'll make a headline out of it anyway.
  4. :LOL:

    I like it!

    (Then again, I'm British.)
  5. Mr Terrence and Philip?