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Alomst run over by large van

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mendy, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. I was on the way back from work today travveling out-bount on punt road. Heavy traffic.
    A van in front of me indicates left and turns down side street. I accelerate a little to move into empty space in front, but (same) van came straight out of street on an angle., and almost sideswiped me, with literally millimeters to spare.
    At lights i look at him and driver turns away looking out passenger window.
    Pissed me off after a hard days work.

    I'll try to draw a diagram up later on.
  2. Do you mean that he went to pull off the road and then changed his mind and swerved back on?
  3. Ah yes, you were almost taken out by a "White Van Man'".
    No doubt he was a Courier.
    Along with Pathology Lab Collection Couriers, White Van Courier Man is amongst the worst drivers on the roads, apart from Taxi drivers of course, who hold a special place in the Pantheon of Road Idiots.
    See a White Van......hang back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8-[
  4. Exactly right Vertical C.
    And BTW I did give him plenty of room, but it was a swift swerve.
  5. Yes that is a trap for young players almost been caught out on that one as well. Good that you left plenty of room look after yourself as you cannot rely on the cages not doing silly things.
  6. You mean now I have to watch out for vans as well as cars?
    Haha, Biking is a hard job.
  7. cars, bikes, vans, trucks, trains, cyclists, pedestrians, animals, birds, and might even devote 1% of your attention towards crash landing planes....it always helps :)

    And good to know that you are okaye :) (y)
  8. What about bathtubs in freefall?
  9. damn!! knew I was missing something!! :p
  10. All while keeping the other eye on the Road ahead.

  11. sometimes i find that pedestrians get a lot more attention from drivers and riders than is safe... especially the long haired, long legged and nicely curved pedestrian variety...