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Aloha Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wings9000, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I just joined in... put in a deposit on my new LeGrande yesterday...
    Lookin for riding gears today.. but couldn't decide on any yet.. waitin for the scoot to be registered and delivered.. hopefully next week...

    However I could do with some assistance on the riding gears..
    read alot of threads on d topics... very informative indeed..

    checked out the Shoei today at Peter Stevens' Lizzie st... but they were quite pricey in total - i wanted a Shoei helmet (799), Shift summer (230) or RST water proof jacket (250) and a pair of Dainese carbon knuckle gloves (200).. come up to $999... n the staff told me d max discount was $50.. or $60 is pushing it.. hope to shop around.. but m quite transport deficit.. hope to hop in all Accessories (having sale i think) but cant walk to Bayswater.. next weekend is easter.. no shops are open.. guess i'll hafta wait another 2wks till i can shop on saturday in the city (again)... :(

    do you guys think i shud get a temporary flip face helmet (cheap) so tat i can ride the scoot to shop around for better gears? it wud b gud to have riding companion.. since m just an L.. riding by myself with just a helmet..

    cheers everybody..

    cant wait to ride with the group soon.. when i get d scoot n d gears...


  2. hello and welcome, whilst i wanted a Shoei it just wasn't the right shape for me. i'd check out PS in Dandenong and sharp tune and the Yamaha dealer ship. they look after me pretty good in PS.

    Dainese gloves are great sound like the ones i have, i'd try and get a 3 in 1 jacket or a second hand leather one (i only have a leather, it gets hot but its good in the cold wet and has the most protection)

    don't skimp on ur legs and feet to long as there is alot of people without skin or feet that could still have them. i found the that between the dandenong shops their was plenty of choice and good service

    good luck with ur shopping (should be able to catch a bus or train there from clayton and its all within walking distance)
  3. Hi Ajl

    thx for the tip.. i dropped in to Mars Leathers n found d dririder gloves well padded n only $60!! a motorider summer jacket in nice ice cool blue - suit my silver scoot i think.. for $200.. but i still short a helmet.. wanted to try out the nolan.. do u know anywher stock d Nolan helmets beside Scootacity in Lizzie st? PS sed they don't stock nolan coz it's plastic.. :shock:

    people on d forum talked abt the Bike mart in Ringwood.. i wonder how varied is d range.. the stores I asked are open on next sat.. i hope Bike Mart is.. but PS told me PS dandenong is closed next wkend..

    argh... -.-

    what kind of ride do you have btw?

  4. hi and welcome to NR
    as for clothing i am getting most my stuff from bikers gear australia,very reasonable for prices,they have a store in bayswater but is best if u can get to phillip island as most stock is there and yeah they are open over the weekends

    as for my helmet im getting kbc i think it is for 169.00 which is through peter stevens in dandenong if u go to their site u can get opening hours times :grin:
  5. Wlcm t ntrdr wr nglsh s dstryd cmpltly.
    wld y lk t by d vwl?
    dctnry r thsrs?
  6. [​IMG] Welcome to NR :cool:
  7. Thx Gizzy

    I dropped in Scoota city today n tried the nolan 102 helmet! wonderful!!! two way helmet.. i like it..
    now anyone knows anywhere else stock the nolans???
    The guys at scoota city didn't really gaf me a gud deal.. sighs..
    I should shop around.. but need to know where else...

    help... location and address would be much appreciated..
    hope to shop on this saturday.. n start riding in easter

  8. Hey guys..

    I got my bike this arvo.. yup on a Good friday 6pm!!! My silver Bolwell Le Grande.. hehe..

    yeah.. the dealer is Scoota Emporium and the owner is superb in service...
    picked me up from uni in the city n drove me n d bike all d way to clayton.. even lend me a helmet and a pair of gloves to get me out of trouble while i order the Nolan helmet and dririder gloves thru him, with dealer prices.. fantastic!!

    even threw in a disc-lock and watch me ride around the uni car park...

    4xthumbs up for customer sales and service! i will definitely send my bike to him for service.. he dun charge expensive services.. gud to know there are decent dealers around.. wot a relief..

    cant be bothered servicing myself.. when u can pay less than 100 for first service.. and reasonable service pricing..

    so there u go.. nice and frenly dealer.. went out of his way.. even delivered to my doorstep.. complete with top box n rack n ride away cheaper than any dealer i've surveyed!

    m extremely happy... now nid to pray my bike is safe inside the garage (unlocked) >_<"

    nid to sort the insurance ASAP!!!
    any one haf issues with ARISTA? i think m sold for the bit of premium but lowest excess among the rest.... i duno how many accidents i wil haf this year.. but being a newbie.. it's huge feat trying to stay uprite...