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aloha guys/gals

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by noobie rider, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. hi there

    my name is Ed,im 15,looking to get a bike preferably a cbr250RR but anything thats learner legel will do, my dream bike is any hayabusa model and the new ninjas, im in syd and i have some questions

    ive signed up a couple of days ago and have read pretty much ever thing in the learners section but one thing i could never find and im puzzled by this is whats the age you have to be before your able to apply for your L's in NSW?

    also i know a fair amount about cars and was wondering with modifications is it still roughly the same as on a car....like engine internals like forged pistons and what not?

    and last but not least....

    Is riding a motorcycle as bad as everyone makes out to be, has anyone come from driving a car to riding a motorcycle and regreted it?

    Cheers Ed

  2. I think it's 16 years, but check the RTA website, they know stuff :LOL:


    read all about it!!!

    has anyone come from driving a car to riding a motorcycle and regreted it


    No-one that's admitted it anyway.

    You are no more likely to have an accident on a bike than a car; you SHOULD be master of your own destiny when riding. However, if you do have an accident, you are many (30 times??) more likely to be injured or killed than a car driver. This is pretty obvious since you don't have a metal cage around you, (hence the term 'cagers', referring to car drivers).
  3. hahaha...ahh so thats what cagers, means when i first got here i was like "cagers"??

    that link you gave me its says 16 for L's but is that the same for motorcycles AND cars?
  4. From the RTA website ........
  5. =D THANK YOU!!.....(sigh of relief) awsome thanks man
  6. My advice is wait till you get your car P's first.
  7. Yes, do this unless you want to become one of the riders who regretted it. And its good to know how to drive and ride.
  8. That's a good piece of advice. I didn't get my learners permit for a motorcycle until I had my full car licence. However, don't let that stop you from getting a motorcycle licence now, you just have to be extra careful.
  9. If you don't start on a Hayabusa, you're basically a fag

  10. ................
    .................................... :LOL:

  11. As said, it's probably best to get your car provisionals first basically because you learn how to use the road, how it works in a safer environment PLUS you have someone there teaching you.
  12. hey mate,

    First, you will be hard to find someone who regrets starting to ride, you will understand this later.
    Im 26 and been driving since i was 16, ive only been riding for about 2 months now.
    In my opinion (note again, mine) i feel that you should not be able to get a Moto licence without your full car licence UNLESS you are what the RTA deem to be a mature age rider (35 from memory)

    Pretty much when i started riding if i did not have the 10 years of road experence in my car, i would have been shitting bricks first time out on the bike, it takes time to learn how traffic flows and moves, and you start to understand how some people *may* act and react.

    With a bike its a new game again, but much harder.
    You have to get not only used to the road rules, how traffic flows, you also have to get used to half the people on the roads not giving a toss that you are there! You will be cut off, you will have someone pull out on you. It will just be a matter of when.

    Road experence is worth more then gold when it may end up saving your life.

    Have fun, and be safe.
  13. I'll put in my 2cents too.

    Welcome to the forum and you're doing a great job researching everything too before "taking the step" to getting a license.

    I do agree about learning the road rules in a car will give you a safer learning environment as someone said before getting a motorbike where you're "on your own" on the road.

    Though I know people who have gone the bike path as their first vehical, one was a "tool" and lost his license nearly as quick as getting it (and hasn't got it again as he scared himself I think), the anther still rides and has for 10 years now.

    but best bet is keep reading everything even when you get a bike :)
  14. +1
    to the car first.

    1. because you live in sydney and i think it is important to be able to "sense" potential dangerous situations before your in them.

    2. A forgiving cage, with four wheels can be a hell of alot of fun.

    3. Like the others have stressed experience is important.

    Having said that, do get on a bike later. I just personally wouldn't recommend it as a first vehicle, not on sydney roads anyways.

    Also good on ya for doing your research.

    Just to answer some of your questions:
    Modifications between cars and bikes ARE different! Yes they both use combustion to produce forward momentum so of course concepts do overlap, but there are different considerations to take into account.

    YES riding is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. ...however somehow even knowing the consequences i can't bring myself to give it up.