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Aloha! Greeting from Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Mischief Makers, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Hi there!
    A little intro here. My name is Mel and I'm living in Melbourne.

    I ride a Honda CD250U '89, a tad modified, and in the crew we have another couple of "exotic" looking bikes.

    Looking forward to explore the forum and meet riders!
  2. Wellcome, I am sure we will catch up on a ride or over coffee.
  3. A bigger picture of your bike, please, that looks nice!

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider; there's lots of cafe racers here; they don't ride, they just race from one coffee to another :LOL:.
  4. hi and welcome
  5. Thanks guys!
    That picture is one of the first official project we just gave back to its owner, it's a Honda GB400, an awesome little thing.

    And cafe racing is a requirement eheheheh :LOL:
  6. Welcome Aboard Mel

  7. Welcome to the crazyhouse Mel :)
  8. Hello Mel, nice to meet you at Errols. Like your bike - way stylish.
    ...although the eyes you made at my bike regarding possible modifications made me nervous :LOL: lol ... I cld c your mind ticking over about changing his lines :roll:

    C u next time :)
  9. Good ta meetcha Mel, nice bike and good luck with the customs biz. Speak to ya soon!
  10. :grin:
    It was awesome to meet you all last night, and I'm looking forward to the next meet>
  11. Great to meet you at Errols Mel - looking forward to seeing some
    more of your mischief making