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Almost wiped out on 2nd day riding

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NotOnMeth, Sep 21, 2015.

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    So I picked up my first bike on Friday last week and spent most the weekend riding, without any major issues until about 5pm last night.

    Was coming down the calder freeway in the right lane, overtaking some cars cruising below the speed limit. I was doing about 100kmh with nothing ahead of me in my lane and three cars just ahead of me in the left lane.

    Without warning, the 2nd car pulls out into the right lane with brakes on and slows to about 50kmh. For a split second I though that was curtains for me as I was braking heavily and this car was slowing down even faster. I actually thought he was just going to pull over in the right lane!

    All of a sudden he just shoots across a dirt track (I don't think it's meant to be used by the general public) that separates the road coming the other way and cuts onto the other side of the freeway. I ended up missing him by about 15 metres, but it was still bloody scary as hell. I've ridden the length of Vietnam twice and seen some pretty stupid shit on their roads and this has to be up there. I think my butthole is still turning back from being inside out.

    What would you guys have done in this situation?

  2. a wheelie
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  3. I would have my hand over the brake lever anticipating having to slow down or merge lanes, overtaking cars following each other in the left lane its almost certain that one could pull into the right lane as they get frustrated with cars they are following behind them.
    Next time always have an escape route ready (like a gap you could slip into in the left lane) in case you don't have enough distance to slow down.
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  4. Yeah great advice. Definitely will take this onboard for next time.
  5. The actions of the other car don't sound unreasonable. They were turning off and needed to slow down. If there was a car behind in their lane, that was in front of you it sounds like they gave you a reasonable amount of space. However, you weren't expecting them to slow down like they did, and it sounds like you didn't give them enough space when they came into your lane.

    Hazard perception. We were all bad at it when started riding and you need to learn to critically assess every car that you go near as to why it could possibly hurt you. Nothing more practice wont help with but try to give everyone more space than they need when you're learning and respect a 3 second gap.
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  6. My hazard percept could have been miles better. I totally agree with you there. However, the car that turned basically drove across the grass separating the freeway roads to go the other way. There was no road for them to turn off on. They obviously missed the exit and didn't want to have wait until the next turn off. I was completely caught off guard and being a noob didn't help my cause!
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  7. Wait... Wut?
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    Didn't you say there was a track? If so it was there for a reason and I'm sure there would have been a warning sign about it. If not then write to the roads authority because that is where you should be directing some of your blame. Someone using a dirt road off a freeway for whatever reason, whether they made a wrong turn, have a small property or mowing the lawn is not terrible driving. Though you didn't mention what they were doing with there indicator so if they weren't indicating right then they should cop a bit of the blame too.

    You nearly rode up the back of someone taking a turn off the freeway. This is your mistake and you need to take ownership of it. It was an easy mistake to make and I may have done the same thing in my first few days of riding. But learn from this.

    Edit: Also if you were behind the last car like you said it sounds like you had a reasonable time to go around the car but you target fixated and didnt think of the option to your left.
  9. Sorry, but have you got rocks in your head? Read his original post again. The car has suddenly veered into his lane, without warning (I'm making an assumption here, but that suggests to me that he didn't indicate), slows to 50km/h (in a 100 zone) to make an illegal u-turn across a median strip. It's illegal because those 'dirt tracks' are for emergency vehicles only, not for any peanut to conduct a u-turn because they missed their exit.

    That ranks pretty highly on the 'terrible driving' list for mine.

    NotOnMeth, you've done well to avoid running up his arse. Always expect the unexpected. When overtaking ensure you're not sitting in the car's blind spots. Put yourself in his mirrors. Cover your front brake is also a good suggestion. Always be on your toes.
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  10. You have to imagine that all other drivers (and even riders) are on meth :)
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  11. You're spot on.

    This was on the Calder Highway and the only way you can get on the other side is by taking an exit and going on the overpass. You're not allowed to go across the grass or the tracks (which are probably only there because a council vehicle has used the same spot). There's no signage or anything indicating a turn off and I'm pretty sure the cops would be all over you they spotted you trying this.

    Smileedude, I think I may have described this poorly. This Highway doesn't have any properties or houses turning off it. It's a major highway so you can only exit at designated exits.
  12. I would have tried to survive. You did, so I think you were successful.
  13. Possibly. It's hard to grasp fully.

    But regardless of whether the car was right or wrong, how you could have avoided this is what's important. Who's at fault is never important when you have a near miss.

    As you've suggested, hazzard perception is a very important skill. You've not crashed you have done well. But also understandably your spatial awareness could have put you in a better position. It's hard to understand exactly the situation without being there, but a decision to change lanes rather than brake may have potentially gotten you past with cleaner underpants. This depends if you had passed the rear car or not.
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