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almost went into oncoming traffic on slippery road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cleanhands, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. For those who got the impression that I like to perform stunts on my bike: I do like to take it to extremes, but within reason, and not in front of public.

    Here I was definitely not 'stunting' or being an idiot.

    I was on the way to work... it had been raining the whole week and the road was wet, wind was fairly strong but there was no rain.

    If any of you are familiar with Melbourne's roads: I was riding on Lakeside drive in Southbank. The road has very progressive / gradual curves but nothing sharp. I was riding about 55km/h when suddenly I felt the bike begin to "skii" on the ground. My wheels must have lost traction with the road because suddenly my bike was swaying side to side and felt like it was just gliding. I instinctively spread out my feet to balance and somehow avoided oncoming traffic. I was super paranoid after this and was basically riding at 40km/h and less the rest of the way to work.

    Not sure what I did or what happened, but I'm quite sure I won't be riding on wet roads again for a while...

    What could have happened?
    I don't think I saw any sort of dirt or oil on the road...
    I was riding in an upright position as the turn was very gradual so it couldn't have been my lean angle

    My thoughts were maybe it had something to do with the combination of wind and wet roads. If this was the case then I think it would be way to easy to lose control in wet/windy conditions, and probably not even worth riding. However, I have ridden in rain/wet and more windy conditions and turned tighter angles without losing control.

    Any ideas?

  2. How's your tyre tread? if your tyres are fine it was probably something on the road surface, rain covers and disguises lots of things
  3. Assumng your tyres are good, then I'd say you came across an oil patch, or just an otherwise slippery piece of road. A fairly typical event.
    No reason to stop riding in the wet!.

    It's pretty scary...and it is supposed to be! - just helps to keep you "grounded" and adds a little perspective to your life.
  4. diesel, or hydraulic fluid is invisible on a wet road....cars poo a lot and car/truck poop is everywhere...quite disgusting actually...sometimes i roll up at the lights and put my foot down and step in it eeeew!, look over to the nearest driver and yell "you people disgust me!"....whilst riding though, i find it helps to sing to myself something like "slip siding away, slip slidin awaay hay...helmets have great acoustics.
  5. Lakeside Drive Southbank??? you sure it wasn't Albert Park??

    If AP, then that piece of road is part of the F1 track. It is possible that you hit a bit of a track line that's been painted over in black paint or, as others have suggested Diesel fuel.
    Diesel is very visible in the wet as it shows up as a rainbow puddle of "get ready for a world of hurt"
  6. +1 to Vic's comments.

    Also the surface around the GP track is not as "rough" as normal roads and as such can get slippery when wet.

    The road camber is also set up in spots to suit the race track rather than road layout which can upset things a little bit.
  7. Yeah, I meant Albert Park...

    Cool, I'll just go real easy on that track next time its wet.

    Should also take the bike out into some empty streets when its wet to try some more stops and turns.
  8. Yeah, avoid carparks in the wet though. They are a haven for oil spills and painted lines.

    Industrial estates are the go.

    Good luck ;) & stay safe.