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Almost time for next bike... *Updated* - Got the next bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Admiral Thrawn, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I've decided to go with a 600 at this point. I initially considered streetfighters for ease of city riding, but want to convert this bike to Superstock / Supersport when I'm done with 125GP.

    My choices are:


    I've been to the stores and had a good look. At the moment I'm leaning toward the Suzuki. The Suzuki and Honda felt very comfortable for me. The seats of the ZX-6R and R6 felt too wide. In fact, the R6 feels bigger than the R1 because of this! I'm 5'8, 72kg.

    Lastly, I was thinking about getting an aftermarket exhaust, something like a Yoshimura, although I heard that different brands are better suited to different bikes (e.g. Yoshi with Suzuki).

    I have yet to test ride them, so what are your impressions? Especially during daily commutes. Do they all have particular quirks that give each of them a different character?

    I'll be looking at new to 1 - 2yr old bikes, in other words current models. Are any of these models to be replaced in '08?


    James :)

  2. Stay away from the 06-07 R6 as the '08 is due out soon and according to reviews has a much better midrange. The gixxer is also newish for 2008, but mostly plastics. Other than that, do yourself a favor and go test ride a Daytona 675! :wink: I mean, what's the worse that can happen? :grin:
  3. At the moment I'm not really seriously considering the R6, because, aside from the seat, it looks rather awkward and insect-like with that tiny tail and angular fairings. Although I'm sure it's still a fantastic bike.

    I'll definitely give the 675 a ride. Come to think of it, I may as well test some 750s and 1000s while I'm at it. Why the heck not? :grin:
  4. The Honda CBR600RR won bike of the year in BIKE magazine in the UK for 2007.

    I've always been a Honda fan, and my dad has the 1000 fireblade and loves it.

    i'd get the Honda
  5. Daytona 675 all the way! :grin:

    You wont regret it.
    Strong low to mid range torque is perfect for street and traffic. the compact and narrow engine makes the bike easy for filtering through traffic. i cant wait to get off my P's :(
  6. At the risk of harping on like a broken record....

    Ride them all and decide which one best suits your riding style and needs etc.

    Will the larger capacity bikes like the Daytona 675, GSXR 750 and 1000's cost more to insure than the "true" 600's?

    I'd be interested to hear which bike you decide to go with. I'm in the process of upgrading myself, and am of similar height and weight to you, but I'm having a hard time deciding which bike I want. I'm finding that each model has its idiosyncracies which you can come to love or hate. If only I could have them all!


    "It all comes down to what you do with the right wrist!"
  7. Yep.

    Got a new 2008 Honda CBR600RR Hannspree Ten Kate replica last Saturday. Had much fun the next morning sitting on the garage floor with some issues of Motorcycle Racer magazine, looking at the photos of Kenan Sofuoglu's championship-winning 600 Supersport, putting all the stickers on in the right places. The bike also comes from Honda with a free helmet. I got Peter Stevens to throw in a Sharp Racing swingarm stand for free as well. :)

    It was between the Honda and the Suzuki, but the Honda spoke to me much more. Plus my race bike is a Honda, so I felt like I was "keeping it in the family."

    The 600RR is 8kg lighter than the GSX-R600 (dry weight 155kg vs 163kg), which is significant. The seating position feels quite close to that of the Suzuki, although the reach to the handlebars is a bit less. Overall the bike has very small dimensions. It still looks huge next to the 125GP, but practically anything does. :) At 5'8, I can get my feet flat on the ground if I move forward in the seat.

    The wheelbase is almost as short as a 250GP bike and as a result the bike is incredibly nimble. Flicking the bike from side to side is so quick and easy, I forget that I'm on a 600.

    I've done 230km on it so far this week, so it's still being run in (picked up with 5km on the clock). Comments on the engine and gearbox will come later.

    My run in looks like this:

    Mileage Max Allowable Rev
    0-99km: < 5000rpm
    100 - 199km: < 6000rpm
    200 - 299km: < 7000rpm
    300-399km: <8000rpm
    400 - 499km: <9000rpm
    500 - 599km: <10,000rpm
    600 - 699km: <11,000rpm
    700 - 799km: <12,000rpm
    800 - 899km: <13,000rpm
    900 - 999km: < 14,000rpm
    1000km +: First service, 15,000rpm (redline)

    Making sure to vary the revs often, no long idling, super hard acceleration, aggressive downshifts, blasting up hills, etc.

    Even at 5 or 6000rpm it still has more than enough pull it get away from the traffic and over the suburban speedlimit in a hurry.

    I really don't have a bad thing to say about this bike. Okay, so it doesn't have integrated turn indicators or much storage space, but I don't care about those things.

    Can't wait till I can start riding it how it was designed to be ridden. :)
  8. Whats that? Illegally? Or recklessly? :LOL:

    BOTH!!! :cool:
  9. Wouldn't dream of it... :LOL:

    Gonna do the following to it:

    Oggy knobs, front, centre, rear
    Arrow exhaust
    Power Commander
    Remove pillion footrests
    Replace pillion seat with cowl
    Remove reflectors
    Replace heat shield behind right foot with carbon-fibre shield
    Carbon-fibre engine covers
    Easy-access tyre valves
    and put some of my race stickers on it.

    Should look great. :)
  10. what kind of free helmet did you get?
  11. Had to do a bit of Googling to answer your question. :p

    M2R GP-1 in "Southern Star" paint scheme.


    Haven't really compared it to my Arai RX7 Corsair. Overall it looks like a nice helmet, pretty well specced. It definitely feels heavier, but retails for less than half the price (around $400 I think). Anyway it cost me nothing, so I ain't complaining! Nice to have a spare. :)

  12. Nice choice AT. Definitely the pick of the Jap 600's IMO.
  13. you forgot integrated taillight and indicators :p
    porbably make it look a million times betteR :p
  14. id go the suzuki gsxr600! they just look amazing!
  15. I had a look at one of these today in Bills Motorcycles, Adelaide and damn! They look the business!

    How is it going with a few more k's on the clock?
  16. Nice pic. Grats on the new bike.