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Almost there

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Just another 25 posts to crack the 2000 mark :LOL:

    Unless I go for a splurge, at an average 1.06 posts a day it'll take me another 25 days to do it :LOL:
  2. Go Rob
    Are you going to celebrate when you reach the milestone?
  3. Rob, what colour is the sky where you are?
  4. Are there already two 1000s at your house? 'cos by the new metric you'll be eligible with 2000 posts.
  5. looks like 25 instead of 15, just an observation....
  6. yup sure is too :oops: damn sunday incamahole brain scramble :LOL:

    spose i'd better go edit that hey :shock: :-w
  7. Nice, Nothing like a Post Count Grabbing Thread :LOL:

    +1 for me!

    aye, can anyone tell me where to find my daily average of posts? It'll give ya an extra post count to reply :wink:
  8. memberlist
  9. member list just tells me total posts, but not daily average?
  10. Try profile :)
  11. Sorry mate, Bob is right. Profile.......... but why count. It doesn't mean anything.
  12. Yeah, it's just a number.
  13. Completely irrelevant.
  14. I agree...
  15. totally useless...

    But then so is this thread :LOL:

    altho i'll still be apart of it :LOL:
  16. hmm intresting
  17. almost reached a thousand
  18. nothing wrong with useless threads, NR is full of them :grin: