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Almost there.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Drew, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. well did my Pre Learner session last night.......... was great and had a ball.

    haven't ridden a bike since i was 10 and have had a lot of leg surgery in between but it all started to come back after about 10-20 minutes.

    the whole counter steering thing became rather clear after i started turning a bit shaper.

    Still a bit hard on the front brake but it'll get there.... had a stupid grin all the way home (2 hour drive)....... only going to get worse after i actually get the L's.

    No one probalby wants to know all this but hey... I' can't help it.... :p
  2. Who DOESN'T want to know? The saga of Drew's glacial progress towards motorcycling is bigger than Blue Hills. :LOL:
  3. Hey Drew - I'm sure we can all still remember the permanent grin after getting on a bike (especially me as mine wasnt too long ago - coming up to two years)...

    Good luck with your L's...you'll be champion...
  4. 1277 posts, and you haven't even got your L's yet!!! i'm impressed :LOL:

    great news, good luck, enjoy :wink:
  5. Glacial it may just be...... but the glacier always gets where its going... no matter how long it takes.....

    L's test on saturday...... Got some celebratory drinks in the fridge waiting.

    Pity theres no bike in the garage waiting... :(
  6. Glad to hear the you get the buzz - i don't think there are many who didn't and a lot that still do - hope you always enjoy it.
  7. Great stuff Drew. Any timeframe for the purchase of bike yet??
  8. Well the plan was to have a bike by the end of next month...but we took a some leave from work last week and had a few days away..... the "Chief Financial Officer" decided that it would be better to use my accumulated bike funds than the credit card.....i think i'm down to about $300 again...... but on another not i should be getting a payrise from work this week.

    so with new payrate & blackmail for using my bike money i should have a bike by September/October

    either way i'm gonna be living in totrure for a while....permit and no bike...... anyone got a loaner??? :twisted:
  9. '

    Simple, just pay for a bike on the credit card... :wink:
  10. have considered that...... but don't have that kinda limit...... not sure i'd want one that i could do that with...... WAY to much temptation.

    am thinking about financing the bike though..... but we just got a loan for a new car so that's not guaranteed either.....
  11. Well done Drew,

    i have finally got my Ps, one week before the Ls expired. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute.

    I'm already dreaming of bigger things to come.

    decisions decisions
  12. Well 12 hours till L's course starts.

    i'm in for an early night cause work was a royal B1tch today and i'm plain stuffed.

    Wish me luck.... :) (I think i'll be fine though)
  13. tell the Chief Financial Officer I ride cause a week of commuting to & from work costs me $25 on the bike & $125 in the 6cyl car! plus etag! do the math!
  14. well a week af driving inour car costs $75 for 1000kms.

    but the bike is for FUNNNNNNNNN!
  15. i don't drive anywhere near an etag.. luckily

    but i'm sure i'll be making trip to the city for Friday coffee etc at different times