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Almost There...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KazTastic, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I'm Kaz, almost 23 years old, currently living in the inner west of Sydney, and just about to get my motorbike licence.

    I'm kinda new to bikes, but I'm looking forward to learning. I go for my pre-learner course on the 22nd, which shall be interesting.

    No idea what bike I'll be getting, but it will probably be a Japanese naked bike with a 400-500cc engine (I'm thinking about late-model Honda CB400s, but I'm not sure if that's the best option, value for money wise), though the guys at work tell me to go for a cruiser.

    Nice to meet everyone!
  2. Hi kaz, welcome! :D Good luck with the learners course and have fun bike shopping! :woot:
  3. welcome KazTasticKazTastic once you get a bike, make sure you come to the Sydney learner sessions. plenty of friendly advice there (and here on the NR as well)
  4. Hello Kaz, and welcome.
  5. Welcome Kaz.
  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of bikes :D
  7. welcome aboard kaz :)
  8. Welcome Kaz - the cb400 is an excellent bike. A cruiser??? lol, don't make me laugh, you're twwweeeeennnttttyyyyyy three, not ffifffffftttyyyyy three!
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  9. It's a personal choice. A motorbike is a machine to make you happy. It does have some other incidental uses, like personal transportation and teasing the neighbour's dogs. You can choose an adventure tourer that requires a parachute and at least a private pilot's license. You can chose a mid size Japanese mainstream general purpose bike, so that your facial features will fade and you will disappear from even old photographs... You can choose a crotch rocket, which says things about your need for penis replacement therapy, like middle-aged men who buy sportscars... Or you can buy a Harley ... (or worse still, a Yama-harley) ... which says "Get ya motor running, head out on the highway." Figuring out what a particular motorbike says about you, is part of the joy of owning it. Most times, you will have some idea what it says (which may have figured heavily in your selection) but what you think it's going to say and what it just said to your friends in a loud voice, can be two very different things...
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  10. 53 is about the average age of my cow-orkers (I work for Australia Post).
  11. Hehe, that's a good one. Welcome to NR KazTasticKazTastic :happy: