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Almost taken out by a red light runner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by djc926, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I would love to track down this scumbag and wring his neck.
    I was travelling southbound on Beaudesert Rd in Calamvale for those in Brisbane.
    I stopped at a set of lights to make a right turn into Ormskirk St and I was first in the queue. After a bit of a wait I got the green right arrow to turn. Mid-turn, I noticed a white hatchback in the left lane of Northbound traffic on Beaudesert Rd approaching. I only saw the car at the last minute because the cars queued up in the other two lanes blocked the view. As soon as I saw him, I grabbed the brake mid-turn to avoid crashing into him and the bike undersided and I came off my bike.
    It must have been the adrenaline but I got up immediately and I was pretty much next to his driver's side window. The scumbag didn't even stop and did a runner. It was a stupid youngster with fully loaded with his stupid friends in a tiny ~20 year old white Daihatsu Charade. Can't believe people injure others on the road and have the guts to do a runner.

    I always ride full leather jacket with CE2 rated armours, leather pants with knee armour, full gauntlet gloves and proper motorcycle boots so I was lucky to come away with relativley minor injuries. My Ninja 250R had oggy knobs installed, so it escaped major damage. Rear right foot peg and rear brake broke off, scuffs to my yoshi carbonfibre slip-on pipe, lower side of the fairing, mirror and brake lever.
    The asshole was apparently caught out by the speed camera when he did a runner. I had three wonderful people who tried chasing him down, took down the rego number and provided statements to the police.

    Looks like this immature prick saw two lanes queued up with cars, decided to utlise the left lane that emerges (not many people use it because the lane ends as soon as you are past the intersection) while ignoring the red light.

    I really hope he gets the full brunt of the law along with his pathetic friends who clearly didn't do anything to make him stop. If anyone sees someone driving a white Daihatsu Charade with rego 234SBB, he needs to be beaten up with a stick until he cries like a baby. :censored:

    He basically injured someone while operating a motor vehicle and left the scene of accident so surely that has to count for something!
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  2. Have you informed the cops. Well done, this could have ended very badly mate.
  3. report it to the police
  4. Yep, police attended the scene shortly after and I gave my statement along with a couple of witnesses'
    I've only been riding for 3 months and this has turned my family and friends totally against riding. I'm not giving up riding over this!
  5. And please follow up here on what that resulted in.
  6. I know exactly where you are talking about btw. that lane should of been removed ages ago.
  7. Arsehole! Bad luck you low-sided but thankfully you didn't end up under that Charade. At least you had witnesses who were prepared to make a statement otherwise it's a "your word against his" syndrome.

    I commend you as the tone of your post seems remarkably restrained for what ensued.
  8. Good!

    Each near miss/accident/whatever that you can live through and keep riding will only make you a better rider. Well done on avoiding a situation that could have been very nasty. Let us know the outcome of what the police do!
  9. Thanks. I have been let down by the law before because of the above mentioned "your word against his" issue. First thing I did was to get up immediate and as soon as I sensed he wasn't going to stop, i memorised his rego number. Thankfully there were few wonderful people who stopped to make sure I'm ok, give me the car's rego number and stay with me until the police arrived at the scene. I intend to visit them shortly and thank them.
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  10. My statement for them is if I was in a car I couldn't have change directions so quickly to avoid a collision, I would have been a bigger target and there might be 5 grieving families right now.
  11. One think experience teaches you is not to trust a green light. Glad you are ok, hope the cops sort him out.
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  12. Glad you are ok. I really hate those lanes that end soon after the lights like that. They can be an invitation to any fool.
    I hope this guy gets what he deserves and you get full recovery of all costs out of him. I'd make him come around and wash your bike once a week just to add to his penalty.
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  13. Isnt that lane there for the bus stop after the intersection.

    Good to hear that your okay.

    Few years ago a bloke on a bike died waiting at the lights to cross across beaudesert rd next to woolies on honeysuckle road. Some person on review for retrospective abortion smacked right into the back off him rocketing him across the intersection. If i remember right the bloke did a runner but had to do it on foot. Drugs/alcohol was involved
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  14. Good luck trying to get the cops to charge him with leaving the scene of an accident.
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  15. Yep, it's mainly for the bus although it's not a designated bus lane. I'm not against people using that lane but it is a problem when they ignore the red light.
    Having read about the above incident makes me think I was very lucky it wasn't more serious...
  16. Glad you are OK. An unfortunate side effect is that because you didn't actually hit him I don't think you have much claim against him for damages to your bike and riding gear. Could be wrong, it may be worth a Letter of Demand, assuming you don't have insurance.

    What do others think?
  17. Thanks. I will post any developments here.
    Haven't heard from the police since getting a call on the night of the incident to give me the police report number. I want some swift actions being taken, damn it~
  18. I don't agree with that.
    If I didn't have any independent eye witnesses, I probably wouldn't have much case, but 3 separate eye witnesses have basically provided statements to the police that i came off my bike as a result of trying to avoid being hit and if I hadn't slid on the road, I most likely would have. Regardless of the severity, I think once someone is injured from a motor vehicle accident, it immediately becomes a more serious matter when you leave the scene of accident.
    Not really sure if it'll be worth claiming for my riding gear though. It is only 2-3 months old and it has some scuff marks on the glove's palm slider and scratches to external metalllic slider on the shoulder and tiny bit of leather has peeled off from the shoulder area. Not sure whether insurance will just say it's normal wear and tear and the gear is still functional and usable albeit with very minor cosmetic damage. The only thing is I have to get the damn gears posted to Melbourne to be assessed and if the claim is denied, they just send it back and I'm assuming I will just be out of pocket for postage costs.
  19. There is a difference between criminal charges, leaving the scene etc and any civil claims you have. I hope you are right and you do manage to get some recompense from the cager. Good Luck.

    Do you have comprehensive insurance?
  20. you got lucky mate, you got off without serious injury!!

    hope it all gets sorted out soon and that prick looses his license for a loooooong time and his parents ground him lol

    i had an off, 3 weeks after getting my bike i was making a right turn in the right late (right turn only). it was around 8.30pm, dark and the light was green as i approached the turn. i was about to lean into it, doing about 40kmph, when this lady in my left lane (straight only lane) decided to do a U turn and as she saw my lights on her face, stopped perpendicular to me. this happened about 10meters or so ahead off me. i panicked and grabbed my brakes and leaned slight left (for whatever reason). i believe i had locked up the brakes and i ended up dropping the bike, just missing the car.
    she then proceded to complete her turn, pull over the side and gave a 'sorry i cut you off' wave and drove off. i was up straight away, no injury and got her plates. 2 kids ran over from the car across to help me get the bike up and move over. i told em i was fine and picked my bike up and told them they could go back to the car now ( in hindsight, they would have made good witnesses, along with their parent). I called the cops straight away and told em what happened and that the driver left the scene straight away.
    the lady was stupid enough to drive past about 5 times and turns out, i had misjudged one of the characters on her plate. cops turned up over 20mins later and she stopped by 5mins before them.

    Cops just asked to exchange the details and report it to 131444, police assistance line to give my version of the report.

    in the end, she didn't get charged, but her insurance paid for a new helmet and all repairs to the bike.