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Almost taken out by a fellow rider

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by snuff3r, May 2, 2011.

  1. Halfway into a roundabout this morning on a morning commute, another rider blasts through from my left. First time he looked for traffic is when he was already mid-entrance and going too fast to brake. Luckily, the roundabout is a known blackspot in our area and I was paying attention, and stuck close to the roundabout allowing him to pass on the left side. If I was a car he would have easily have been taken out.

  2. 10 points to you for avoiding him...
  3. Well done snuff3r ! I'll give you a further 10 points on top of modern_ninja's (y)
    It's very sad to see the driving 'etiquette' on our roads, Australia-wide, diminishing at an astonishingly rapid rate.
    Are road users really that inconsiderate, selfish, 'pre-occupied' and stressed nowadays ?! Amazing...but you did well champ.
  4. Report him to the police :p
  5. kick his mirrors in bra, no mercy, damn motorcycling hoons shouldn't be on the roads anyway, temporary australians, should cull them off, bunch of morons.

    Here is a diagram which i found explaining how the world would be if all the stupid motorcyclists went and died:


  6. Coming out of Docklands on Friday I waited at the trafficlight when a fellow rider pulls up behind me at the front of the line.
    When the light went green he blasted off and cut across right in front of me. Bloody idiot.

    O yes, his rego is HRNET
  7. I admit to having nearly hit another rider the other day at a roundabout in Altona Meadows. Well it wasn't that close, but I shouldn't have entered the roundabout. As he came around the bend, his headlight (the only lit thing on the front) was perfectly aligned with the black and white arrow sign things on roundabouts and I couldn't see him at all. Only noticed he was there once I was starting to turn and his light came out from behind the sign. That said however I was going at a speed where I could have easily stopped if necessary, which your guy wasn't.