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Almost T Boned a van

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sparz, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. So, i was driving on a main road yesterday, going down a hill. This van pulls out of a side street, crossing our 2 lanes to go in the opposite direction. I didnt really see him till last second as I wasnt really concentrating too much. I slammed on my brakes hard - they were REALLY screeching. Obviously as i was like "oh shit", i grabbed a bit too much rear brake and my rear was fishtailing all over the joint. Everything was going in slow motion. I could clearly see his face and it seemed like forever. I was just praying to god that he would keep going, cause if he had braked id be in pieces. He just moves out of my lane and I miss the rear of his van by centimetres. I then got off the brakes and recovered my bike and straightened it up. (I was wobbling all over the joint)

    I reckon if i was half a second slower to react, I would've T boned him, totaled my bike, and my head would be hurting. Luckily my body was relaxed and i was able to keep my bike upright. I really thought i was going to go for a slide.

    Well thats my story.


  2. Ok, So what have we learnt ;) "I wasnt really concentrating too much." Stay Safe. :)
  3. haha yeah.... what was i thinking! I was heading to the gym and was thinking about that :p
  4. What does she wear and what piece of equipment was she on? ;) :p