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Almost T-boned a Falcon

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by something_wild, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all, thought i'd jump on and vent.
    Had a near miss on the beautiful Sunday we just had (in Melb).

    Heading towards the city sitting at the lights on Princess Hwy waiting to turn right on to Warrigal Rd, i was relaxing with my thoughts after nodding to a learner on a black Ninja 250r next to me.
    Lights go green, I'm in the outside lane, i stretch 1st (cbr250, been riding about 4 months, off my L's), hit second, back on the throttle lightly around 3/4 into the corner....and all of a sudden i'm screaming WTF!?!?!?!

    This cheese-ball, obviously blind and retarded, in-his-own-****ing-world, bananna, ****wit no-hoper just pulls out clean in front of me (turning left onto Warrigal from Princess Hwy..it's a give way) as if i were invisible.
    Yes i know that is how we should think of car drivers all the time, that we are invisible to them, but this was especially careless on his behalf.

    Somehow....i still don't know how, i managed to not t-bone his drivers door, and not drop my bike...although i did wobble and buck all over the place for 2-3 seconds while i smacked both brakes, clutch, put both feet down etc etc can't remeber the rest :p
    Never came to a complete stop though...
    I'm pretty sure it was a 1/100 save, wrapped with my efforts overall (and luck lol).

    I gave him a stern "**** YOU" x 10 along with a plethora of various hand and finger gestures, took a couple of deep breaths and kept riding.

    Was super scary, but all was ok in the end, and i rode onto the Yarra Bends where i enjoyed the rest of my ride immensely!

    Peace all, and stay upright :)
  2. who's anna and why are we banning her? :p

    good to hear you're safe.
  3. "gold"
  5. she sure sounds like a douche bag. but banning her? seems a little over the top... :(
  6. Glad you're ok. ... Things happen, you know? Stuff happens randomly, at any time, and it can take down new riders and old riders just the same. It's happened to me, it just happened to Raven ... Be careful out there people.
  7. Split second thats all it takes. Morons like these should be taken off our roads, I should know I WAS LONG AGO ONE OF THEM (although the car I failed to give way was an L plater, speeding and hooning around with all his mates at the back...backed up by by standers).

    Good you came out of it unscathed, could have been a very nasty one.
  8. Well done and glad your safe, hope i have decent reflexes if that occurs to me.
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    Glad you're ok mate.

    Isn't it funny (as in odd) how we're invisible to cars UNLESS we're filtering past them at traffic lights, then they just get p*ssed off at us and try to kill us anyway.
  10. If you ever turn from Toorak Rd (east bound) onto the Monash on ramp to head south you get used to that, at least 50% of the time i come around that corner some douchebag coming the other way turning left just blows right through the giveway sign in front of us... and not always on the bike, quite often in the car as well! Nice work spotting and dodging it and staying up.
  11. Yep, if I read this correctly, the guy came out of the slip lane. Great traffic solution, shame people don't look at what's coming their way most of the time.

    In an unrelated story, I had a guy in a 4WD nearly side swipe me yesterday, I managed to avoid him thankfully. But I spun my head around and the idiot was on his phone. I give him the universal hand sign for "what the fvck are you doing on your phone" and I was greeted with his middle finger and what appeared to be shouting. The sheer scale of ignorance in the world never ceases to amaze (and frighten) me.
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone, as most have mentioned, it could have been worse!

    If anything, these 'incidents' definitely open your eyes just that little wider as to how much us riders actually have to not only ride our bikes, but constantly 'think' for other people on the road.
    In hindsight, i'll be taking intersection corners much slower and safer!

    Oh and lowercase....was a bit harsh eh lol ;)
  13. You weren't hot-doggin' now were you? o_O

    Seems like you got on it and almost come to grief because somebody didn't look.

    The CBR250(R[R]) is a great bike. But it seems like they are the R1s of the learner world. They attract all kinds of latte drinking unriders and wannabees. 90% of CBR riders are anyway. I just hope your part of the minority.

    Stay Upright.
  14. I must confess, i am part of the CBR 250rr under talented, over confident majority...and i love every ignorant second of it!

    Bet you didn't expect that eh ninja ;-)

    In all seriousness, my talent is phenomenal for my short time riding amd any near miss is the other persons fault.
    Oh shit, did i type that!??!

    Hehe, i know my limits, and i stay within them, but like all of us, i do push it sometimes and will learn form every ride i undertake...good and bad.

    This particular time though, i couldn't have been more in the right....and still don't know how i didn't end up in his lap!

    Stay upright too champ, and i'll bypass the coffee next time...just for you (y)
  15. I'll tell you how:

    You were stuck in second.

    Entirely possibly considering you are in the under-talented, over confident bunch.

    Great thing I got told about riding a bike

    Don't care who you are, what you ride or how you ride it. Just don't increase my insurance premiums.

  16. You obviously didn't quite get my tongue in cheek reply....or you coped your period this week.
    Either way, you weren't there, most replys seemed to understand my situation and didn't feel the need to accuse me of 'hot dogging' just because I ride a cbr 250, and none lumped me into the under skilled over confident group....I jokingly did that.
    I'm 28yo, and know much better than to follow the majority of this particular bike owners rep (even though I'd put the % more at the 50-60 mark not your exaggerated 90%)

    Stuck in second? I was not 'stuck' at all, It was my gear of choice to pull out of that corner, until someone decided to pull out directly in front of me. Not one bit avoidable, but my pure luck, I didn't end up another insurance claim.

    I have A LOT to learn, I'm not kidding myself one bit about that champ, and I get that even a minor accident can leave us with serious damage that makes it irrelevant who caused it.... But nothing did thankfully and I thougt a vent and heads up on nr would be a good thing ;)

    Peace all x
  17. Nah, I got it. I just don't feel the need to start sucking your dick like the rest of them :D

    Maybe, just maybe, you'll turn out to be better than

    I hope so. That way your R1 when you buy it won't be the underused piece of jewellery alot of them are :D
  18. Lol @ sucking my dick, fair call....I was pretty satisfied after the plethora of previous bjs I coped from the other replys anyway ;)
    I still feel like ur hatin on me due to my bike decision tho my friend.
    You haven't got cbr envy have you.....? C'mon, be honest now, my best mate rides a ninja 250r and for some reason, always wants to ride my rr..? Possibly something to do with how it goes, stops, sounds and looks better....oh and your not sitting completely upright like a dirtbilke on the cbr. I never for the life of me could figure our why they make full fairing/upright motorbikes..horrible combo.

    So yeah anyway, ill make sure when I upgrade to my R1, that I follow the path that I'm on as to not spoil your much thought out theory on the bikes ownership group. I'm guessing you also consider the gixxer a show pony muz bike, ducatis overpriced/unreliable cafe cruisers, and zx10s....well you'll probably buy one to stay true to kwaka even tho your current ride came out of Thailand, not Japan.

    Stay upright fella :D