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Almost stacked

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by itchin, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Was goin up Murchison gap the first right hander a car was on the wrong side of the road. I pulled the bike up and went straight just missed a roadside marker and ended up in the ditch.All i can say is thank goodness for ABS brakes without em i'd be slidin on me ass! No damage to the bike but i've got a krakn bruise on me shin.

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  2. Glad your ok, that's gotta be some hairy shite. Did the fcuker check on you?
  3. Nut just keeped goin it was a bastard tryn to get me bike outta the ditch i hopped off and done it dirt bike style! I kinda chewwed me back tyre up a bit on the sharp rocks should be alrite though.
  4. Well avoided. No crash is always a good result!! How are the undies ? :)
  5. A coupla skid marks along with sum serious shfinkter action he he.
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  6. Great save! Bloody hell, what's wrong with people?! Arse nearly wiped you out and just kept going. Glad to hear you are okay, and your bike is fine. Bruise will heal of course, hope there's no fracture.
  7. Yeh i think i might have wacked me shin on the foot peg i honestly thought i was gunna stack so i took my feet off the pegs gettin ready to hit the deck.
  8. glad to here you ok hope the leg gets better quickly
  9. Glad you're Ok and the bike too.

  10. I reckon that's not a bad outcome considering.

    Foot peg to the shin hurtssszsszszszszszssszs.
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  11. Glad you are OK itchinitchin My memory of that corner is the next one up in a downwards direction is a decreasing radius corner. It catches a lot of people out because they go in to hot and then it tightens up, they end up going wide.

    A reminder for us all that use that road.
  12. Glad your are ok considering all things... that car though zzz hope such people stay off the roads..