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Almost side swiped by 'a self righteous'

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by tonz74, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. So I slotted back into traffic space after using a 'right turn lane' to move up the queue, whilst using my blinker to ensure the cars knew I was slotting back in.

    A 4X4 eventually caught up to me, who I passed about 2 car lengths back when I slotted in, only to hurl abuse at me and then pass me. As the traffic slowed, I was coming up along side of him (traffic didn't stop). I probably should have known to avoid him, however, he just bolted into my lane, without an indicator and I had to quickly maneuver to miss him.

    Now I see most bikes do exactly what I do each day I commute to work without any hiccups.

    Is this guy a noob, or was he justified in getting 'up me' for what I did?
  2. They are NEVER justified to do that. Some people just have issues with bikes and their ability to manouver traffic... They're just jealous they can't. ;)
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  3. People (cagers) think that you should stay in line and join the queue............they dont know that bikes are allowed to filter.

    I dont know why the government havent had a public service announcement about the benefits of riding...........just to make cagers be more aware and informed.
  4. Well, this is the second time it's happened to me, only difference was I was filtering between traffic last time, and that was about a month ago.

    Thanks for the feedback Krollinator and AznCruiser!
  5. let me check this

    you used a right turn only lane to move up in traffic ?

    so you are in a right turn lane only and you wonder why people are upset when you move dart back into the lane next to you that is a straight ahead lane

    Do you think that the drivers are expecting you to do that ? - would a car do that ?

    its right turn only - think about it
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  6. I think you answered my question Takamii. I think I'll just filter down the middle next time.

    Although, here's a thought, he was two cars back and not in direct position with me, so he should get over it.
  7. Even so if he was two spaces back what you did in my opinion is bad roadcraft - I would not do it.
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  8. You meet all kinds of people on the road. Remember, 1/2 the population is below average intelligence.
  9. Nah, right-turn lanes, left-turn lanes, bicycle lanes etc - they're all fair game and it's fairly obvious what you're up to when you're doing it.
    It's even better when you get to the end as the light turns green and you cut back in at the front, at speed...

    Only thing I see the OP doing "wrong", is letting a 4WD catch him from 2 spaces back!
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  10. Its 50/50 for my mind.....if you use turning lanes to get in front of traffic you should do so knowing that its probably gonna piss some cagers off. I do it occassionally but only if I can get to the front of the queue and take off once the lights change.

    Regardless, its still no reason for some douchebag to pull that shit though. And you know, he probably would have done it whether you split up the middle or used the turning lane - just another jealous 4x4 driving bogan ****wit.
  11. Ha ha, he was definitely a bogan...driving one of those 70's landcruisers. Maybe his prefrontal cortex was damaged?
  12. born without one
  13. Exactly this - legal etc isn't entirely relevant, neither is the IQ of the driver in question. Both of these are beyond your control: you cant change the law right now*, and you cant give him the extra wattage he so desperately needs. But, you can control what you do.

    Some people get pissed when you filter - so, if you do so, you need to do so in such way you can get away from them if you need to.

    So yeah - if the guys already shouting out the window you already know all you need to know about him:
    1) poor impulse control.
    2) inability to see big picture.
    3) behind the wheel of a large vehicle with poor handling.

    Given that - why on earth would you let him near you again?

    Re the right turn lane vs filtering up the middle ** - its all a fluid situation, and as always rule # 1 trumps all, but generally I'll try and go up the middle - partly cos the other ways seems a little too easy, and not as much fun, and partly because if the right turn lane is empty a car can decide at the last second to go right, and swing into it pretty quickly if they think its clear - and lets face it, they aint gonna look for you.

    On the other hand, filtering up the middle of stationary traffic means people are less likely to swerve into you as there isnt space in the other lane, and if so they do so, are probably slower. 'Tards trying to block you not withstanding of course.

    TL;DR version - If you're gonna do it, do it well.

    * Disclaimer - Theres a concerted effort at the moment to try and legalise filtering, please get behind it - but its not something you can change there and then.
    ** I'm not a road craft guru, so make your own choices - after all, you're the one who will live with the consequences.

  14. some drivers get crappy seeing bikes (motorbike and pushie) get through traffic faster.

    doing something like the OP manouvre or filtering and bus lanes in NSW, even though legal) will annoy some drivers. is nature of some people to get agro when stuck in traffic and they get passed.

    so is just normal to get that response occasionally and have to deal with it, especially when it is a pushy and/or illegal manovure. cant shift the blame onto the driver.
  15. Ive tried to find written information on "filtering" "lane splitting" and its legality in NSW but I can find any actual law. Ive always been meaning to ask. From what I've found...

    - Filtering can only be done when traffic is stopped
    - never pass to the left
    - Use indicator as much as possible

    and even if these guide lines are followed you can still be fined for something or rather at the officers discretion.

    Hopefully someone can shed some light as I would like to be able to filter traffic on my way to work. But being a newish rider I cant risk the points.
  16. You can pass stationary traffic on the left.
  17. I'm with nitekreeper and others - no prob using lanes in that way, I do it all the time. As long as you plan ahead where you're going to mesh back in with traffic and do it safely it's all good.
  18. Cars generally wouldn't do that (although they do) - same as cars don't do lots of things bikes do, or are able to do.

    By the way there is nothing illegal whatsoever about riding down a right/left turn only lane and then slotting back in with traffic - so long as you slot back in before the turn.
  19. I think another difference is that a car needs more room to slot back in from the right turn lane, so it creates a little more hassle. For a bike it is different, a bit like if you get caught filtering when the light goes green. There's always a gap to slip into just from the natural flow of cars taking off.
  20. If there is a solid line between the lanes (which I do not know if it was or not) and most of them are for the last 10 meters or so before the actual turn - then its an illegal manoeuvre if you cross a solid line