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Almost Run Over By A Cage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Master Illusion, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Why do cagers hate us so much???

    I was riding home on christmas day of all days. Came up to the corner of brady road and stud road in dandenong, it has two right turn lanes to turn onto stud rd heading towards dandenong.

    I split down the centre while the traffic was stopped, but just as I got to the second lead car the lights went green. Thinking the best thing to do was to stop, i decided to pull in between the lead car and the car behind him.

    Well as the lead car pulled away i started to move forward and the guy behind me came straight past me and hit the front left corner of his guard into my leg and the peg of the bike.

    Anyhoo, i got around the corner and tried to catch up to him, and to tell him to pull over, and he went absolutely skitzo.

    I turned onto the freeway, and thats when he told me to pull the F*ing bike over or he will run me off the road.

    Well that was it, i decided stuf this best thing to do is go straight to the cop shop.

    Mr cager didnt like this tho, thinking that i was running and tried numerous times to run me off the road to stop me. :twisted: :twisted: WTF!!!

    Well this was panic time for me, so i decided to pull off at pound road and make a bee line away from this freak. Pulled down a sidestreet and into a court. DOH!!! Luckily there was a park at the end and i was able to sneak the bike in between the fences and get away from him.

    Worst part about this whole thing was that I didnt get his REGO!!! :eek: :( :? :!:

    Anyone had any similar experiences with cages or did anyone get his rego. I'd love for a bit of payback.!!!

  2. What a psycho. I would have pulled over when he said to, I'd prefer to take my chances standing than bike vs car.

    Though, if I had a 600, I would have just twisted the wrist.

  3. had on occasion when a lady didnt like me lane splitting
    she even went to the trouble of going to oncoming traffic to get past me
    after that she tail gated me for a while then drove really really close to me
    after getting the the freeway she would swerve to pretend to hit me....
    then laugh
    so i decided to let her go and slow down and let her go
    when turning to hoddle street and lane splitting again as it was bumper to bumper
    she tried again to stop me line splitting.... what she did was move her car across the line :evil:
    funny enough the car on her left saw what she was doing and moved as well
    the only thing that stoped me from moving forward was her side mirror so being angry because she was trying to hit me and then laughing i broke her left hand side mirror and kept riding :twisted:
    as wrong as this was.... she was making my life a little scary
    i do not condone this behaviour but when a cage driver is playing chicken with u and for once u have the upper hand...... u take advantage

    let me remind you that i was on my 250cc and only had a few months of riding
  4. 99.999% of the car drivers out there are perfectly fine.

    The scary ones are the ones like you came across. The ones who have a serious issue with anyone who they think is "pushing in".

    In my 11/12 years of riding I've encountered three such people, the ones who go out of their way to attempt to bring physical harm on you with their vehicle.

    One pulled along side me and swerved into me to turn down a side street. I braked and bounced off the side of his car, all while carrying a pillion, but managed to keep the bike upright. I let him go, no point in provoking it further.

    Second one was in a column of stationary traffic, guy swerved as I went past in an attempt to ram me (with my wife on the back) against the car next to him. He left his attempt too late and I got past anyway. No point in provoking it further.

    Third one was a 4WD with a bullbar. Similar thing. Got upset at me getting in front due to lane-splitting. Attempted to ram the back of the bike failed when I veered out of his way (I couldn't go forwards 'cos the two cars up ahead didn't have enough room between them to lane-split to get away), then swerved attempting to hit my wife (who was on the back) side-on. Managed to avoid him by lane-splitting the cars ahead anyway with 1cm to spare each side and get away. No point in provoking it further.

    It always seems to be the psycho's who get upset about the lane-splitting thing.
  5. There sure are some Psychos around!

    I can remember one - I was sitting behind him, and he was going pretty slow - a little under the speed limit. So, I overtake him. Perfectly legal manouvere - broken lines, indicated - the whole bit. I wasn't even tailgating him before I passed, I was sitting about 2- seconds behind him before I decided to overtake.

    Anyway, for some reason, he didn't like being overtaken, and sped up ...he chased me for a K or two, waving his fist out the window, and tried to swerve and hit me.



    I was so shocked!

    Anyway, I was on my old XJ900, so losing him was easy - but his attitude gave me a scare.

    IMHO, when you come across psychos like that the best thing is to get out of there way, and get out of there. They've obviously got some mental issues, and they aren't the kind of people I like to tangle with.

  6. Firstly...Rule 1. Don't argue with someone driving a car - you will lose.

    Take rego numbers, head to the copshop, and forget about the rest if it is a serious enough incident.

    If it's a verbal altercation with a nitwit only, then ALWAYS, have a route of escape, and then leave them in your dust - quickly. :)
  7. Road rage pure and simple. It's happened to me to a few times.

    I reckon there are two types of people who do it.

    #1 Psychos. Carry around tyre irons to sort out people they don't like on the roads. Feel offended if you look funny at them, and will escalate even the smallest thing into a physical confrontation.

    #2 Righteous Vigilante Citizen Police. See something they don't like (regardless of safety/legality) and put all commonsense on hold in order to 'teach them a lesson' - lane splitters are often targets even though they may be doing it legally. Often they are soccer mums who are so shocked by you splitting they'll drop their make-up kit mid application to run you down. These people often complain about riders 'jumping the queue' as if road use was analagous to waiting in a line at the bank or something. These vigilante law-enforcers consider their own skills beyond reproach, but barely pay much attention to their own driving, and 9 times out of 10 don't know half the road rules. But if they see someone else do something questionable, they will gladly break laws themselves and even try to injure others in a righteous attempt to 'show them their wrongs'. These people often come in the family version, where they will all become enganged in a pointless round of 'tsk tsking' every other driver's movements, often whilst dad is driving in the right hand lane when not overtaking.

    If lane splitting was legalised (and an education campaign run), #2 would likely disappear, but #1 would still lurk freely.
  8. If they want you to pull over, do it. Helmet, Kevlar jacket and gloves vs an unprotected driver? I'd fancy my chances kicking their ass, regardless of how psycho they appear to be.

    Hope I don't run into spastics like that. Closest I've ever come was a dude who saw me lane splitting through stationary traffic in his rear view mirror. Moved his car over so far to the edge of his lane I couldn't get past. No big deal, I just continued on once traffic moved.
  9. ahhh if only the trusty light sabre was real
    then i would use my jedi force and move cars and then cut through them like a hot knife on butter :LOL: :LOL:



    best to take my pills and get some sleep
  10. Followed by a gold/silver new honda accord while on my Ls. I have since found out where this person lives and I am waiting for the right time to get him back.
  11. Boxing day, we were at a BBQ at a friends place. my BF & I rode our bikes there. A guy at the party comes up to us, shoving his finger in our faces & yelling rather loudly..."I have a bone to pick with you bikies. Who the hell do you think you are, cutting between traffic?? what makes you better than the rest of us, that you don't have to wait in line at traffic lights???" Tony replied: "Firstly, don't wave your finger at me. I'm not a "bikie", I ride a motorbike. Second, I rarely ever lane split. Thirdly, if I'm moving through traffic, that means one less vehicle at the lights, and your car can move up one extra space. It's not like I "take YOUR spot" at the front of the lights"

    The guy wouldn't have a bar of it, & just said "whatever" & walked away.
  12. I'm sure people like this would also prefer passenger aircraft also sat around in traffic, 'waiting their turn' rather than jumping the queue in the sky... :roll:
  13. would hate to run up against these guys
    I think any occurance where a cager to deliberatly attempts to collide with a motorcyclist should be treated as attempted murder and in the very least they get permanently banned from holding a drivers licence.
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    wonder what that would say to that??? hahahhaaaa
  15. Lucky for me in my line of work I CAN do something about it. C'mon cagers, bring it on!
  16. ...with a crowbar.

    Say that pans out according to plan... if you lay him out, what have you actually achieved? You've given a concussion to someone who's probably already brain-damaged...

    Think he'll notice?

    Think it'll teach him not to do it again?

    Frankly, your best bet may well be to ride around like an axe murdered absolutely everywhere... don't stick around in any single place long enough for your accumulated presence to trigger anyone's psychosis.
  17. I had a good one fiew years ago...

    the guy cut accross 3 lanes of the freeway to exit... exept I was in his way... hit me on the leg at about 120km/h I veerd off the frewway and onto the exit ramp... there I looked back and he was 10cm from my rear... I veered left and let him pass...

    At the lights I got off the bike got the pen out and wrote down his plate... he did not like it... and started to revese onto me and the bike... lucky for me I stoped a wee bit to the left of him and he missed the bike... the lights turned green and he sped off...

    At the next intersection I stoped in the lane next to him... he started to shout abuse at me and threatning to kill me.. so I got of the bike and he ren a red light.. at the next intesection I was a fiew cars behind him so he got out of the car with his mobile and was shouting he was calling the police... I got off the bike and he jumed into the car and run a right light AGAIN and almost colided with another car...

    To my supprise he turned down the cort I was going turn at as well... well things got a bit tricky for him and besides speeding he made a run for it through a park (damaging his car)... I knew the roads there very well as I grew up in Endeavour hills and just for the fun of it I rode up to the big round about on heatherton rd and stoped in the middle... when he appeard... he managed to skidd and put the car sideways... thats when I decided to leave him be...
  18. ...all while telling the whole Internet about it.
  19. Makes living away from the major cities all the more attractive; the worst I've had to contend with here is BAD drivers, not homicidal ones.....
  20. other country without nukes - you are invading my air space

    usa - i do what i want, i'm american