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Almost rear ended a landcruiser !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. What is it with 4x4 drivers ?
    Its the third time now one of them has braked late - then indicate to take a parking spot !!! :evil:

    It caused me to pull a mini stoppie and exchange a few words to the line of . . . . Oi ! You don't just fcuken brake then indicate !!! :evil:

    Now before some of you say I should I kept my distance.

    I was on my push-bike !! :LOL:

    I decided to go for an early morning ride, get a haircut and at the same time buff up for tomorrows City2Surf fun run.

    It was close though, I almost face planted the rear of the landcruiser. Local shoppers were a little stunned with my words echoing down the street.

    I feel shit about it because the driver apologised straight away ! :shock:
    He knew exactly what he did was wrong !

    Heres a big call !

    In the 1.5hr ride this morning on busy roads, I felt more secure in reading the traffic. Before I just had that cyclist mentality of being in my comfort zone. This morning, I found myself checking blind spots and reading other traffic (except for dickhead landcruiser).

    Those cyclist here, it feels weird though when you hop back on your push-bike. You look around for dials, mirrors and I hit my rear brake leaver hard thinking it was my clutch coming to a corner ! :rofl: Its good the weather is warming up.
  2. Well look on the bright side,

    You didn't have to say , Sorry Mate I didn't See you

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. True dat, i'm always lookin' for the mirrors on the pushie ! doh !
  4. You can get mirrors for your pushie, I'm gonna hang more shit on you than you have ever heard in your entire life if you get 'em, but you can get 'em. :oops: :p :LOL:
  5. Nothing but a tipical move of a 4 wheel driver to do. The minority of them is out there and driving with blinkers on and think everyone has to move so they can drive irratictally.

    I'm sure you gave the driver a good spary, and if they said sorry to you then it's a bonus!
  6. PMSL @ Handbasket.

    ...err, why am I laughing... I actually did that on my pushy when I was 15... D'oh. :oops:
  7. I don't even have a motorcycle and i'm doing that !! LOL
  8. Tell me about it, I kept looking for my mirrors and looked down once in a while to check my speed ! :LOL: its a strange feeling.
  9. I would rather have blinkers left on than not used at all.

    At least you are expecting something.
  10. :LOL:

    I think the reference is to 'blinkers' that a race horse wears so they can't see anything except what is directly in front of them.

    I'm sure none of you guys have ever done something without indicating, have you :oops: :p
  11. "indicators" then :)

    Sometimes I haven't used them. Like when there is no-one else on the road.
  12. My push bike has mirrors and speedo. Oh it's 21-speed too.
  13. 20 + reverse?

  14. Was driving one of the company wagons out Eltham way last week and approaching a rail crossing the lights started flashing so pulled up as the boom started to drop only to hear the screech of 4x4 rubber on damp bitumen with a Nissan Navara locked up and sliding towards my tailgate :shock: I had nowhere to go but wait for the bang but luckily the driver had enough sense to let go of the brakes and he ended up beside me on the nature strip and almost into the fence beside the crossing :roll:

    I wasn't so much worried about the crash, except if he pushed me out in front of the train, but I was thinking about all the paperwork I was about to have to fill out :LOL:
  15. Lucky you werent on a bike pvda. That would have been sphincter clenching!
  16. lucky you didn't hit him, i'd be pissed if a sleepy cyclist scratched my car.