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Almost Ready

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Well i went Shopping today :dance: an spent a LOT of money!

    So here's me, in all my new gear, Takes a bit to get into it all when you're not used to it!!

    And the Helmet :twisted: :twisted: [img:1073:804:67627d392a]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Lord_Phelan/Bike/Drew2.jpg[/img:67627d392a]

    So my outfit is as Follows.

    KBC VR2
    Dririder knockoff with full armour
    Schoeller Gloves
    Draggin Cargos with knee and thigh armour
    Alpine stars Goretex boots

    So all set for bike delivery next weekend!! :woot:

    ps. Anyone know how to attach the thigh armour to draggin jeans?? Almost looks like it needs to be sewn in??
  2. Dont the draggins have like a folded flap on the front to drop the armour into??

    Not sure mate sorry mine dont have any.

    Oh and you look nearly as short as me in ya full kit,

    I look like a bloody bobble head

    Congrats too. When i got all my gear before I could ride I used to sit in front of me computer in it readin about bikes.

    Good Job
  3. that cracked me up!

    its like when you get new shoes, and you want to wear them to bed.

    good luck when you get amongst it!
  4. Chances are you will have to sew it in.

    I have Draggin's, not sure which type. Probably just the regualrs. They have nothing to help with putting in armour, unfortunately.

    So what's the bike? :grin:
  5. Well still wearing the draggins...nice and comfy.

    I'm champing at the bit now.... can't wait to get out there and on a few rides with you guys!

    will check the jeans for a flap.... the knees were ok as they just velcro on.
  6. yeah just had a look... nothing i can see to help with it so i might jet out the sewing kit.

    Bike?? It's a SPADA!!!!! :woot: pics to come next Weekend when i get to ride it!!
  7. Oh well get out ya sewing kit Mary and get to work.
    You don't have very long to get em done
  8. either that or i;ll just get some velcro for them as well

    can take it out when i wash em then

    And who the Hell is Mary???
  9. Well done Drew - onwards and upwards!

    Now the armour - mine has velcro strips, i put it inside the jeans before I set out, I personally don't like it but if you get it 'set' in the right place, then you'll be fine.
  10. Go go Power Rangers!

    Enjoy your new gear. Hopefully you don't have to put it to the test.

  11. The whole of Netrider is hanging on this event Drew; your riding career has had a longer gestation period than an elephant :LOL:
  12. Hehehe .. the excitement is building.
    They say virgin bike riding is much more satisfying than virgin riding .. but I'm too old to remember either, so will take the word of it ;)
  13. Congrats on your new gear and the yet-to-be-delivered Spada.
  14. Cheers guys,

    Power Rangers & Elephants????? what have i got into??:eek:hno:

    will have to get some velcro for the armour i think

    All i know so far is that the jacket is exceedingly warm and the helmet fogs up a bit, will be better once i start moving though.

    Anyone wantiing a ride next Saturday is more than welcome to help escort the bike back to Kyneton.

  15. nice helmet man.. i was looking at them the other days thinking they were cool.. good stuff.. congrats on the bike and have fun riding.

    next weekend.

    you'll be out there sooner than me.. mines in storage while i get some concreting done around the house :(
  16. The clock is ticking. All dressed up & no where to go.
    This is going to be a looooooooooooooooong week Drew.

    Enjoy the ride home & hope bbq goes well.
  17. Congratulations Drew. You look great in your gear.
  18. Love the helmet........
  19. Waddaya mean it's only Tuesday!!!!! :evil: I'm sure it was Friday yesterday?? :twisted:

    ahem.... yes very long week. It's so deperessing knowing it's coming but can't ride yet :(

    Look out weekend though!!