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Almost ready to go postal on c/link!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. As if my daughter hasn't suffered enough!
    For those that came in late she suffered a miscarriage and gave birth to a still born girl @29weeks just over two years ago.

    Now C/link in their collective bureaucratic wisdom have now stopped her current payments pending an investigation as to why she is NOT claiming the extra benefits for her two year old child !! Who I might add paid Cass a bereavement benefit which paid for Ryders funeral.

    Talk about making her suffer all the emotions of loosing a baby all over again !!

    So it's angry dad email time .. to local/federal, the office of the PM, and an official complaint to C/link ! grrrr

    Hows this sound ?

    Cassandra Moore, Cranbourne office 13/9/2010 @
    It is with deep concern that I am finding the need to communicate with you.
    I received a phone call from my Daughter this afternoon 13/9/2010 who was in great distress after a dealing with the Cranbourne office of Centerlink.
    It seems that my daughter has to prove to C/link that she miscarried two years ago, which resulted in her giving birth to a still born baby at 29weeks on the 12 July 2008 at Coffs Harbour Hospital.
    [ she went to to inquire about why her payments had been stopped and was told the reason is you have a two year old daughter your not claiming for ... why ? ]

    Naturally this has and is bringing back extremely painful memory's for both her and our family, and I fear that this will send her back into a depressive state especially since she is at 31weeks of her current pregnancy, and is stressed enough wondering if this baby is going to survive to full term or not.

    I find it very hard to believe the lack of compassion and common sense from the staff at the Cranbourne C/Link office, when in fact C/links own records should show a bereavement payment to Cassandra for her loss back in July 2008 !

    I would like an investigation into this mater and at the very least an official apology from all those concerned to Cassandra, for the stress and unnecessary anguish and pain this is forcing her to relive.

    edited to keep my details safe from all you perverts hehehe
  2. Mate that's rubbish. Hopefully the MP steps in and takes this seriously. They're collectively useless at record keeping.

    I claimed youth start for a single fortnight once upon a time. Two years later they called to tell me they were cutting off my payments because I neglected to attend an interview they had tee'd up for me. I asked them if they had their records in front of them, they told me they did. I then asked them to check the last payment date, to which they did. I then asked them what exactly they would be cutting off.

    They mumbled something about correcting their records and hung up.
  3. c/link r full of tards, good luck and give em hell
  4. Sounds about normal for C/link - absolutely hopeless.

    I had my mum live with me and I was her full time carer (she was a complete invalid). We received a letter from C/link asking if we were involved in a sexual relationship while living together and why we were on separate pensions (mum on aged me on carers).

    I hit the roof - wrote an extremely angry letter to the regional manager and demanded a written apology as well as a personal call to my mum apologising.

    Hit them hard mate - just because they're C/link doesn't give them carte blanch to run roughshod over your family.
  5. fk dude that's shit. can 't even pretend to know how you feel. i'd be homicidal if someone messed with my girl like that

    this is FedGov you're talking about. a nameless faceless mass of people who can't find the answer written on the back of their hand so they pass you on to someone else who does the same thing and then hide behind policy laden with loopholes big enough to drive a truck through. sideways!
  6. fixed up the spelling etc, but otherwise excellent

    good luck, Bob.
  7. leave the spelling, sells more of a shotgun toting character
  8. Bloody hell thats low from them.
    Give your daughter an extra cuddle, and then stir up these stupid dumb incompetent bastards...
  9. Send a copy to both yours and your daughters federal MP. Send a copy of that to a local talk back station.
  10. centrelink are f*cking useless. They always have been and always will be. Im sure there are some good employees there but they are very very very few and far between. Hit them hard mate, dont take any shit from them at all just because they are a government organisation.
    without going into it to much. 10 years back I was working full time and looking to go throw in my job and go back to uni to finish my degree after a few years off. They gave me some incorrect advice regarding Austudy which in turn resulted in me losing both my job and my place at uni. Got the ombudsman invloved and 6 months later got a $13k payout from them. They are a pack of incompetant arsewipes and deserve all they get.
  11. That sucks Bob. Hope they get it sorted and give a decent apology.

    IMHO C/link have been ok for us and out of the myriad of payments that they have to do I'm sure a few will be major stuff ups. Its just a real shit when the loss of a family member has to be dragged back out again.

  12. I understand the tenderness of the situation but you should understand their system is highly automated, this is like "oh dem Telstra is pursuing me for a $0.02 bill for my dead father".

    Don't bother MP's unless Centrelink refuse to fix it their clerical error. If producing a death certificate is what's required that's the go; less energy and emotional heartache having to write around bleating that you don't want to go through the proper channels to assist the government to rectify a clerical error.
  13. I can see both sides of what you're saying and bob's position mate, and if the circumstances were a bit different would probably agree with you. However, the key line for me in the OP is this one
    "Who I might add paid Cass a bereavement benefit which paid for Ryders funeral."
    And I think that tips the scales a bit.
  14. I'd be ready to go ballistic at them too, just sheer stupidity and incompetence, Cejays last piece of advice about letting a talkback station know would embarrass them and get it sorted very quickly, but may also make it worse with media ringing wanting a quote from your daughter if they pick it up and run with it though
  15. The thread title led me to believe you were going to let off some steam about citylink. :p
  16. So they stop her payments cause they cant pay her more money? Gov working at its best, fair dinkum
  17. that is how i read it too ](*,)

    bob, sorry to hear c/link are ****ing your family round like this, hopefully it all gets worked out quickly for cass's and your families sake
  18. Probably because she didn't inform them of her change in circumstances (except that she did). Their files obviously showed her as having a child, after all. Still a bit stupid to cut her off for getting less money than she could. A "please explain" of some sort would be far more appropriate.

    What I don't like about Centrelink and its related stuff is how arbitrary, stick-and-stick, bureaucratic, and generally cold it is. I understand that it would be difficult to set up any other way (due to size, etc.), but I do wish it were more supportive.
  19. Not difficult to set up at all - just start with a proper database that contains up-to-date information and ensure the staff are trained appropriately.

    Unfortunately, the current Centrelink philosophy is a by-product of the warm and fuzzy Howard years where everyone receiving welfare was somehow out to rort the system and therefore only the most draconian measures were appropriate for dealing with such people.
  20. Well well well , an email / complaint to the right person certainly gets results !
    Cass got a phone call today re my email from the Victorian regional manager of C/link.

    She expressed her sincere apologies for what has happened and has started a full investigation into the matter, as well as promised both a verbal and written apologie from the lady that has put Cass through this as well as the branch manager.
    Cass has also been offered counseling and will receive some financial compensation as well.