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Almost purchased 1st bike - PPSR search.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nikosg, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Ok so I'm pretty set on this 1981 suzuki gsx 400 f I've tried out.

    But coming to the PPSR search, it lists the bike as a gs550 model. :S

    now as far as i know, they are NOt the same model, and they do look fairly different. And its definitely a gsx400 f i saw.

    Anyone can help a newbie out?
    I'm waiting on a response from the seller....
  2. PPSR?

    Pics might help identify the model.
  3. If its Dodgy - forget it.

    did you do the search from the reg or the vin number? Vicroads website?
  4. Ppsr is the new revs check. Revs is gone.

    Its linked to the computer so whatever that has is what the rta/vicroads/whatever has.

    Sometimes bikes are listed wrong by the rta.
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  5. it checks out using the vicroads checks 100%
    the PPSR is basically to check crash history/ finance/stolen etc, and in terms of money owing or anything. the bike is clean in those respects so I'm pretty confident.

    its registration is right and checks out the model, so i guess something went wrong somewhere along the line.. ill call tomorrow i think. thanks for the input!
  6. Ok, makes sense. Presuming you're a new rider & under LAMS conditions, is one of those models on the LAMS list & the other not? It could work to your advantage if so. Or disadvantage...
  7. Ppsr is vin only, and is the federL govt response to vehicles, boats, etc moving interstate and being sold without the encumbrences lifted.

    The state based systems disapeared on jan 27th, with the exception of tasmania.

    Apparently when they get electricity, their computers will finally work and they will connect as well. Something to with dams or so i heard.

    The ppsr system is in its infancy, and the data has not been verified since the transfer, and exists in a 'transitional' form.

    If it was wrong in vicroads database, it will be wrong in the ppsr database