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Almost one year!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hey guess what I just realised?! In two days time I'll have been riding for one year! What a year it's been! Had some pretty awesome times since that day I got my Learners...done some pretty amazing things and learnt a heap about myself and riding - but the best thing of all is the people I've met - whether it be strangers on the rd or people who I now consider to be amongst my best of friends. What a wonderful thing this biking life is!

    To date I've done 24000km on the virago and 20000 on the VTR. 44000km all up - a mixture of commuting in peak hr traffic every bloody morning and night, day trips, overnight trips, weekend trips, and my most fav..the two wk long trip to Brissy *grin* So many memorable experiences in that year - Pouring down rain. Soaked to the bone. Gale force winds. Hailstorms. Thunderstorms. 40 degree temps where I had to stop every 20 or so kms to pour water over myself. Frost. Dirt. Mud/slosh. Kangaroos. An emu. lol. Snakes! Koalas sitting in the middle of the rd smiling at me as I come around the corner. Been challenged at the lights...and lost (what do they expect, I was a learner on a virago..lol). Been challenged at the lights and won (go the VTR and a few more kms experience). Witnessed a couple of bike accidents. Came across a few bike accidents. Been chased by a carload of guys on the Gold Coast. One speeding fine. Three fines for not showing an L plate. Kids who at first eyed my new hobby with suspicion and now can't wait till they can go pillion..or ride themselves. Have been whistled at. Yelled at. Been told I was the hottest looking chick they've seen on a bike *blush* (yes, they were drunk..lol). Had old ladies tell me they love my bike. Waved at kids. Dodged dogs. Clipped mirrors whilst splitting. Took wrong turns. Found fun rds. Found my life.

    What a year hey. What a wonderful thing this riding stuff is. :wink: :)

  2. Yeah it's good sh1t, even on the bad days....
  3. I remember when I got my P's you were going for your L's
    now that I'm off restrictions... have you got your P's yet? :LOL: :p

    Best be having a celebratory blue label :wink:
  4. Gee you racked up some Km's :shock: .
    And many more to come . :) :cool:
  5. All I'm going to say is :grin:
    I think I meet you at the start
    Well done

    Hey you up for a track day next monday?
  6. I know how you feel Rosie, I couldnt have said it better my self, even if I tried :cool:
  7. I must've been really drunk, I don't remember saying that :p.
  8. 44,000kms in one year!!!!!!!!!!

    Rosie, you are an inspiration to us all :applause:
  9. 44000kms = And that's with two months off the bike with a broken heel. ;) :LOL:

    Russell - yeah you were on that ride we did where we stopped at Inverloch for a while. As for a track day Monday - :p :( :p Have school.
    Superbike school is on the agenda.. :grin:

    Nee - about 6wks ago. :LOL:
  10. Congratulations Rosie, Loved the 3 paragraph synopsis of your year of riding. Many more good years to you. :)

  11. +1 to what paul said...

    rosie it is a pleasure to have met you, keep the black stuff down the smile up, and will catch you on the black top somewhere soon :grin:
  12. congrats rosies......yep can certainly agree your riding has come along way, and hopefully many more km still to be travelled :)
  13. Congrats Rosie!

    i've already broken the 1 yr mark but very similar feeling....but about half the kms you've done!!
  14. Just keep yourself safe (but have the fun bits)

    I am at 26yrs, and riding every day. Yep, even traffic can be fun.

    Good onya rosie, keep on truckin!
  15. Well done! Hope you have many more years filled with the same excitement.
  16. Yay!

    I am sure the riding experiences will just keep getting better!

    Go Rosie!

  17. Well done Rosie. 44k and you still find time to post on NR. :LOL:
    You were one of the first to comment on my off and I appreciated that. :oops:
    You haven't mentioned what bike you prefer. Could be handy for a n00b to know.
    Keep having fun. :wink:

  18. Pfff, 2nd hottest, maybe.
  19. A Bad day on a bike is beter than a good day behind a desk...
    And you have had a lot of em.
    Sounds like a year worth rememebering to me.
  20. Goodonya Rosie. Crack open a bottle, if the gp crew didn't drink you dry, and toast yourself