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Almost need a kung fu leg fling to get on bike with luggage strapped to pillion seat!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hongyi77, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I have a tank bag which is expandable and being quite short, I decided to strap it to the pillion seat yesterday when I had a full load. The bag is convertible so it has all the right places to strap to the seat.

    Problem is...how do people actually get on the bike when the top clearance is now so high??? I tried the swinging my leg front or back and I am quite flexible mind you, but still had to do this awkward sideways crawl on. It would not be possible if I didn't have heaps of space on the left side of the bike. Surely, there must be an easier way!

    Of course, while on the bike, the bag is a nice and comfy back rest. Does add a fair bit of top heaviness though and I ended up taking stuff out of it and using it as a tank bag on the way home.

    Any special technique that people use?

  2. you sort of hope on from the side, rather they throwing you leg over across the pillion seat
  3. Step 1: left foot on peg
    Step 2: right hand on front brake
    Step 3: stand up on peg
    Step 4: swing leg over
    Step 5: party
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  4. Two ways to do it, one looks ungainly, the other takes a bit of confidence in how you are parked.

    First way is to swing your leg over when standing around a foot further forward of where you would normally be, your knee can come in contact with the tank, once you leg is over you will need to shuffle your left foot back & settle into place.

    Other is to stand on the left peg, tuck your leg up & over the seat, need to be careful you don't smack your foot into the seat & lose your balance, but looks a lot more graceful that method 1, and as mentioned, need to ensure your bike is in a stable position & not likely to over-balance easily.
  5. What's wrong with a running jump from behind, leap frog style.
    Especially if you have it running and can hit the clutch and gear lever as you land and mono away all in one smooth swoop.
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  7. Was thinking the same thing but you bet me to it! haha

    If you are short, use a spring board the gymnasts use when they do vault jumps.
  8. I bought a tailbag for the VTR and for the life of me, couldn't get on the damn bike with it on. Ended up selling it to another NR and bought panniers which worked a treat.

    The Z is a different kettle of fish, and I'm a recent convert to peg standing - a skill I couldn't master on the VTR (possibly b/c it's a bit lower in the bars, and it always felt like it was going to throw me over to the right). This is just to get on the bike btw - still need to learn to do it with a rack on. I'll have to master that b4 the Snowys ride tho, so some work ahead for me. Not easy for a big girl with the flexibility of a crowbar...

    I CAN get on without the pegs, but, especially since the rack base was installed, it's much easier to just use the pegs.
  9. That's what I was taught in the L's rider training... I didn't know there was any other way?
  10. You put your leg over facing towards the bike, like the kick off 300, then shuffle across and twist. Not too hard...
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  11. Which panniers did you use for the VTR and how did you secure it? I tried some in the shop and the seat won't clip back on with the straps underneath. I like the tank bag but for larger loads, need to look at panniers again.

    My VTR is a bit wobbly when I get off (maybe suspension??), so not confident about using the foot peg method. I might get the stand looked at during next service and see if it can be more stable or replaced.
  12. Have you looked at a Ventura rack for the VTR? They probably don't look good, but they are versatile and can have different sized bags to cater your needs. It also doesn't obstruct you swinging the leg over the seat.
  13. You think it's hard on a road bike?

    Wait until you try getting on a trail bike with a 900mm seat that's got luggage strapped on the pillion seat and there is only a wobbly side stand that's about 300mm long combined with suspension so soft you can't stand on the pegs to get on!

    Not that this has anything to do with the fact that my ADV bike has panniers and an aftermarket low seat mind you :D
  14. I 'think' they were M2R; bought from AMX. I didn't put the straps under the seat. There's two velcro straps that just went over the top, plus a middle strap with a clip that I clipped around the little strap on the pillion seat - one over, one under, then clip together. Plus I used to bungee from the hook near the pillion peg to the opposite bag and visa versa, which also served to keep the bags up off the exhaust as well as properly secure the bags to the bike.

    I was assured that my stand would be strong enough to hold me (and I'm no Tinkerbell, believe me!). My problem was that the bike stood very upright, so when I went to swing my leg over, it would tend to fall to the right. Plus, when standing on the peg, my arms were so low, and back so bent, I couldn't straighten my leg properly to swing it over. With the panniers, I didn't have to stand on the peg, as long as I didn't expand the bags too far. They hold plenty of stuff too.
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  15. With the 2004 model, the Ventura rack obstructs the seat from coming off, so I would rather not add that on, esp to access the battery, 12V connection I installed and toolkit. There is no storage under the seat (unlike the later models) but I just don't want the rack to have to be taken off just to take the seat off.

    Some of the racks are quite high too ](*,)
  16. I stand facing the bike,I grab my right foot with my right hand and pull up and over the seat between the tank bad and gear sack.Not so easy at 55 especially with my build wearing full gear with wet weather pants on.I am so happy I now have a stable easy to use sidestand.Doing this with only a centrestand was a complete pain,getting off was 100% worse.
  17. Where does it not obstruct one swinging their leg over? Unless you bend your leg, it most definitely is going to.
  18. Hmmm I have never had issues swinging my leg over the seats on my Across with the rack...in saying that I am 6ft, so not too hard to just jump on it, come to think of it, I may actually bend at the knee while jumping on the thing.

    Also I wasn't sure how the rack sits on a VTR...for me it doesn't seem to obstruct anything besides the fuel cap.
  19. I agree with the getting off the bike part, I park in between 2 big bikes in a narrow bike bay at work and that day, I thought I was never going to get off the bike!! eheheh
  20. Stand a few meters behind your bike, then run up to it. As you get to the tail of the bike, jump and push down on the tailbag to give you a boost. Just a warning, a failed landing can hurt your nuts.