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Almost killer mum on the road.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bluecraka, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Ok here it goes, having nice ride with a couple mate this arvo, out MT Nebo, Glorious up to summerset dam (this summerset) to Esk then back to brizzy along the Ipswich motorway. No major dramas, couple nuisance cage drivers getting a little to close and personal to the rear tail light but nothing more. Until I had left my mates when they turned off to the Centernary motorway and I continued along the Ipswich motorway, I'm sitting on the speed limit in the far left lane, ie slow lane (dual lane motorway) than this Subaru Outback comes up the right side as you normally do when overtaking, no dramas there. Then the stupid, dumb arse woman as she is sitting right beside me , decides to pull left and almost take me out. I had to jump on the brake, had a littler minor rear end slide. After she did this I hit the bloody horn, she than decided she would try and run away from me, so I followed her throught traffic, got beside here and looked into here drivers side window, she would not look back, Ignorant cow. I than continued to sit beside her on the drivers side, and she decided she would slow down to 30Km/h so I left it and went.

    Want gets me most, is that is was not like I rode up along side here and she didn't know I was there, she was overtaking me and than pulls across
    knowing I was there. Than didn't have the hide to look at me. If it were a bloke I would have followed them until they stopped, and had a friendly chat.
    I can understand somewhat if I had ridden up left hand side and stayed in the blindspot that someone may not see you however this bird had to know I was there.

  2. I dont understand people like this. what are they doing on the road?

    This sort of stuff really scares the hell out of me; I'm only in my 2nd week of having my L's; and already, i've had a few close calls to know not to put alot of faith in people's ability to see you (which should be easy since your headlights are on!)

    leaving that aside, lucky your not in any worser condition
  3. I agree, if you're not prepared to slap a stupid driver, even if it's a female, then don't ride your bike! :p :LOL:

    Seriously though, that's why I always travel faster than the traffic, then I'm a little more in control and aware.
  4. ^^^ This man knows!
  5. Seriously though, that's why I always travel faster than the traffic, then I'm a little more in control and aware.[/quote]

    This is what my hubby has said to me because I used to always up him, until he explained to me , if I'm at the front of every car at least I hope they can see me. And since getting my bike licence I understand every point he put across to me.

    Glad your ok bluecraka.
    Cheers Lou

  6. Indeed +1 from me
  7. Don't let cars sit next to you, even if they come up and place themselves there.
    It's so easy to move back or forward a little, and it eliminates the threat. Sure, you were there all along, but as you have found out, people who are vague, inconsiderate, forgetful and unaware of their surroundings can get a licence. Being right doesn't count, look after number 1!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Haha, I found that works well in cars and brought the policy over to the bike. Put space between you and other cars, easiest way is to be in the front at every set of lights.
  9. What if you already going at the speed limit???
  10. nursing 2pts means i cant get too far ahead, so i have to stick with andrews idea. just make yourself as visible as possible and minimize risk to yourself.

    though i would love to go traffic flow +10
  11. there are people out there who will take a risk on your life. they know you are there but that doesnt bother them because you are small and volunrable and they are protected.

    i know so, im crippled because knowing i was there was not enough for the complete moron who chose to risk nailing me. of all road uses, they are the worst and act from contempt.

    just because she a woman, doesnt mean she's all things nice. yell at her. ive done it. woman get away with everything. the best thing you can do is take the car keys. at least that'll keep em off the road for a while. [i know a guy who has a full key rack]
  12. As long as any speed cameras you ride past are set up to take a photo of the FRONT of your bike, you'll be fine! :wink:
  13. You only need to be going 2kmh faster than the traffic to be moving through it, you won't get a ticket for that.
  14. Faster is good, but if that's license-risky (as on the Ipswich Motorway where the traffic flow is already maybe 20 faster than the speed limit), it's the relative movement that's important. That is, don't be stationary relative to the cages, be going faster or slower and not sitting beside them. Think about how they're going to see you, even if they're not really paying attention. That can also mean just speeding up and slowing down a bit.
  15. 2 words, oxygen thief oh and another 2, stupid biatch
  16. The fact that this woman didn't acknowledge you after she clearly knew she put you in danger is the most irritating thing to me. The cowardlyness of people who do this drives me nuts! No wonder road rage is alive and well. A simple apology would have diffused the issue... even just a little bit. :? It ends up ruining a great day out. :mad:
  17. not quite so. there are many drivers out there that are not even aware of their own presence on the road let alone that of anyone else !
  18. Yeah I know about sticking just above speed of traffic, and normally apply it but for some reason or other wasn't doing it. Just to readvise it wasn't though she was just sitting beside me it was as though she drove up the side of me to overtake got about 3/4 past and than pulled the car into my lane.
  19. Same thing happened to my bf.

    He had been overtaking on the Parkway, doing about 100kph, moron comes roaring up from behind at some stupid speed and pulls back into his lane when the back of the car was level with his front wheel.

    People have no respect.
  20. Actually, I'd rather they were a bit more switched on in the first place and drove properly. Then there would be no issue. If they cut you off through slackness then they are assholes whether they acknowledge you or not. If you get clobbered by one of these idiots, them saying SMIDSY ain't going to heal the injuries, or take the pain and rage away.

    In fact, the only time I have had a lengthy discussion with someone who had just done something idiotic that threatened me, he acknowledged me but I ended up getting madder because he still didn't understand what he had done wrong! He just turned out to be an even bigger dickhead than I first thought.