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Almost killed by Safety Camera

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ibast, May 8, 2012.

  1. Heading North on Silverwater road this morning the lights at the safety camera went amber. I decided to stop, because I didn't wish to risk accelerating. I was by no means a desperate stop. Had I continued at my speed, I may well have made it through without triggering to the camera, but it would have been close.

    Just as I come to a stop I notice a truck bearing down on me in my left mirror. There is no way he is planning to stop. Thankfully he noticed me and pulled left. I took off and went right. There must have been only millimeters in it. Had neither of us taken these actions, I would not be typing this now.

    In fact I'd say it was the closest I've ever come to death on our roads.

    I can't remember if the camera went off. The truck driver and I just looked at each other. I think we were both in shock and amazement that the collision didn't occur.

  2. phew, close call

    obviously he was expecting you to do what all other Sydney drivers and riders do, and that is to go though the yellow so those behind them can go through the red!!!
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  3. No doubt both you and the truck driver will receive fines in the mail :wink:

    I sympathise, mate. I had a very similar experience a few months ago. Same deal - worrying about the speed cam (not so much for going thru on red) took away my first option.
  4. yep the moment i heard they were integrating red light and speed cameras i knew this kind of shit would happen.

    Light goes orange and now you have to make a split second choice, risk a ticket or risk your life.
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  5. It strikes me that you show no anger toward the truck driver and are almost praiseworthy toward him for avoiding you. You were nearly killed by a truck driver not paying attention. The fact that you stopped for a safety camera is fairly irrelevant to the fact. There are a number of things that can cause you to stop. Traffic lights being the most obvious to the person behind you. While I'm no fan of safety cameras, place the blame where it should go.
  6. It was that close I didn't have time to get pissed about it.
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  7. Berluddy close mate!!

    For the record, amber/yellow is a stop light. See RR 57. Australians though seem to think they are acceleration lights.

    You were right to approach stale green lights with caution... what an indictment on the system that the crap road education of road users almost got you killed.
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  8. Sorry mate, you did bloody well to avoid it and it shows how useful it is to pay attention to your mirrors.
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  9. Trucks take longer to stop than a motorcycle. Even sedate braking can stop quicker than an emergency stop in a truck.
    I would be checking my mirrors more often.
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  10. NSS. I'm hardly a girl on a red P plate.

    The truck wasn't close enough when I started to brake to warrant concern. It was inattention on the part of the driver that caused the problem, not braking capability.

    Funny thing is I don't normally consciously check my mirrors when at the lights. I know I should, but I get complacent. I'm not sure what made me check this time. It wasn't the truck brakes, because I'm pretty sure he never hit them.
  11. You're safe that's all that counts.
  12. If you get a fine, you should be right to contest it, citing your own safety being at risk.

    good job on the dodge btw.
  13. If you are fined, please let us all know?

    I have one I am taking to court.

    Right hand turn, slowed for yellow light and was almost run over by a woman driving a Jag behind me. Because I had checked the mirrors when applying brakes I managed to avoid her by accelerating. Didn't know if I'd made the lights during amber as I was too busy getting away from her. A month later I find I had not. Accelerate to stay safe and be fined $305 and three demirt points, brake to comply and die. Tough choice methinks. I'd like to hear what the magistrate's view is.
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  14. That'll be an interesting one. Normally the "I committed offence X in order to avoid being mown down by another vehicle doing Y" gets dismissed out of hand. However, in the case of a camera booking like this, there should be enough information in the photos (yours and hers) to show that you're not bulshitting.
  15. Always pays to scan your mirrors all the time, good job for avoiding it.. but the truck driver obviously wasn't paying attention.. you didn't happen to catch his number plate? if you get a fine.. obviously contest it.

    Lucky lucky lucky you didn't end up squished.

    You do the right thing and then almost get cleaned up...
  16. Let us know how it works out.
    IIRC there was a case 5 or so years ago of a motorcyclist that won his case against either speeding or crossing a double line on the grounds that he needed to do so to avoid being hit. Northern Victoria somewhere (might have been Great Alpine Road?)
  17. There's nothing "SAFETY" about those cameras...
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  18. I fooking hate safety cameras!!
    Glad you are okay buddy. Scary stuff
  19. As a matter of habit I've been practising going through on the amber, even when there's no one behind. The initial instinct for me is to slow down, (this is what I'd normally do in the cage) but this will increase the risk of the amber becoming a red.

    Luckily there's not many safety cams on my usual commutes.
  20. Glad your still kicking around. You seem to be cashing in your luck points recently.
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