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Almost killed by a car today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bike_noob, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. So im crusing along the Princes freeway in the far right hand lane doing about 120-130, anywyas i see this Pajero or Landcruisr tailgaiting up my arse, so i ignore him as i am well above the speed limit already, all the other lanes are pretty empty anyways this arsehole decides to overtake me in the same lane and missed me by about 10 cm and i served into the emergency lane. And to top it off he stuck his finger up at me, yep he did!

    I was so angry and adrenaline rushing that i forgotton the number plate, i think there was a Q and a S all i can remember.

    I would love to run into this arsehole in a dark alley.
  2. you weren't keeping left? i'd be pissed with you too... sorry mate, but it's how things go
  3. yeah, no matter if you're doing 130 or 230, get in that left lane. someone might want to pass you and go quicker.
  4. Keeping left on the freeway?
    are you kidding me?
    the constant traffic merging in and out is a nightmare.

    Plus you guys are missing the point all he had to do was go into the other lane and he could of overtaken me, instead he pretty much tried to bump me...

    Regardless of wheter i was doign the right thing, him trying to run me off the road is acceptable to you guys?
  5. mate, its high on the list on what cheeses people off, the law states, keep left unless overtaking, u wrote it yourself "i see this Pajero or Landcruisr tailgaiting up my arse, so i ignore him" so why didnt you merge into the left lane, lesson learnt
  6. Ok i admit it, i can see the error on my part, but still that does not excuse his behaviour, what if i was up against a guard rail i would of been seriously injured or killed.
  7. Since you've had such a shit day, your threads been moved to live another day - we're having a special on general discussion dumping at present... anywayyyyy

    It's true though, we ask noob to let us past in the hills when they're holding us up. You'd be pissed off if you wanted to do 130km/h and there was a pajero holding you up.

    Sorry dude, but what were you hoping to read regarding hogging the lane?

    As for the overtake, I'd be tempted to follow the prick... for a bit at least. A knob in a 4WD that's already threatened you with it, is likely to be a seriously f'cked up knob who might not miss next time.

    By the way, I'm right with you about the entry exit traffic on a freeway and the danger of being in the LH lane... but I'm less worried about it when there's two lanes than if there's 4... almost been taken out by someone swan diving from the far RH lane to the exit and not seeing my bike...

  8. im with ya there brother :)
  9. When you saw him coming and ignored him you showed bad judgement. He was no better.

    When someone challenges you on the road you need to think about the consequences if you stand your ground. On a bike you will never win. Move out of the way and live to ride another day.

    This can be applied to this situation and many others.
  10. I will sit behind someone sitting in the right lane, give the chance to move over, if they don't I overtake, and sit in front of them at about 10km under the speed limit until they move over :)
  11. whilst i agree that you should have moved left when you saw him closing behind you.
    that's not an excuse for someone to do that to you.
    he did'nt have to threaten your life by narrowly missing you and you're anger is justified.
    as for getting the plates, i don't carry a pen and pad around, who the **** does...but if you can keep the rego in your head untill you can find a safe place to pull over...just scratch it into the dirt or keep a piece of chalk in your tank bag...once that's done you can get your gloves and helmet of and put the rego in your phone...and since you're pulled over now can just chillax for a bit... chasing him down can only make things worse.
  12. I asked a cop about this the other day at a Stay Upright course, and he said that on a multi-lane freeway that doesn't apply. Seems odd to me. I'd always thought that you were supposed to keep left regardless, like you said. (I'll look it up one of these days...)

    My take on the whole affair is that OP was wrong to sit there in the right, and even more wrong to stay there when being tailgated by a much bigger vehicle that obviously wanted to overtake. 4WD was then wrong to overtake in a dangerous manner instead of just pulling over to the left lane. That is a whole lot of wrong wrapped up into one scenario.
  13. theres a big diference between sitting behind someone to encourage them to move over and tailgaiting their rear bumper... theres no need to get that close...if they're going to move they will., if they're not going to move they won't, whether you tailgate or not... tailgating on a bike is only increasing your own risk, it's no danger to the 4wd in front of you.
    **** that, just take the white line full throttle and be gone
  14. In qld and perth it certainly applies. Both states have signs up every stating that you must keep left unless overtaking, and states you get fined and lose points. Pretty sure I have seen those signs in NSW as well. Regardless, it is common courtesy almost every where to keep left unless overtaking. One thing that pisses me off no end these days is people who have no respect for other road users. If someone wants to overtake you in a multilane road then ffs just move over. Its not going to kill you and it makes the roads a friendlier place. It seems that generally the younger generation are not aware of the unwritten rules of courtesy these days...

    Enough of the rant, still does not excuse the idiot in the 4wd. I would have just moved into the left lane and passed the slower driver. If you are on the receiving end of such a idiot it pays not to get angry, just shrug it off and keep riding. Getting angry tends to make you ride like a fool and the only person you are putting in danger is yourself. Ride to stay alive.
  15. TRA, you meant that you must keep left unless overtaking, yeh?
  16. Seeing as he didn't kill you, just take this as a hint that traffic in Sydney will ****ing kill you if you don't take a few proactive steps to protect yourself.

    Don't sit in the far right on a freeway, ever, unless you want end up a hood ornament.

    Those sort of arseholes will feel justified in mowing you down even when you are doing the right thing, so if you give them a golden excuse like that you're not going to be alive long.
  17. OP, you were in the wrong.

    If the left lanes are free, why not move over? Yes moving back and forth is a hassle, but doing so if vital to a free traffic flow. I've done EXACTLY what the cage has done when someone wont move into the left lane to allow overtaking. Doesn't matter if you're already speeding, doesn't change a thing.

    Strict lane discipline is the backbone of safe and efficient freeway use.
  18. Whether it's specifically the law or not, it is at the very least common courtesy to stay to the left of the far right lane if you aren't traveling the fastest on the road. In Victoria at least (and I assume in most other states) it is common knowledge.

    I am in no way trying to excuse the fact that this ****wit almost drove you off the road, but being on a bike is always about being three steps ahead of your current position on the road. Always take the safer option - even if it means you have to slow down or move across or take action 'x' to avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

    Always assume the people driving around you are idiots - because most of the time when it comes to bike riding they are. Next time move across and let this idiot with his cage go past safely, at the very least it may save you and your bike a lot of pain.
  19. This must be a troll-bait thread.. no one is really this stupid? Right?