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Almost hit by a commie on straya day

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by OldSport, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Was riding down a main-ish road where all the roads connected to it either had a stop sign or a give way sign.

    In the picture I have provided :

    • I'm the green motorcycle
    • There's a stopped red car on one side
    • Blue car is the knobhead
    Im going down the road at speed limit (50km/h) and I spot the red car to my right that's stopped where it should be normally. Then what came next was shocking as the blue car went blaring past at an estimated 70km/h without slowing down nor looking.

    Even the red car honked at him ffs :/
    People really need to abide by road rules and this is coming from a 19 year old.

    God Bless your little cotton socks

    Welcome to adult life and life on the roads. You aint seen nothing yet kumquat you have a long way to go.
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  3. Hang on I thought the red car would be the commie...... I suppose at 19 you don't even know what the USSR was though.
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  4. God damned commies, someone should blow them up!

    I look forward to your post from your ride home tonight, plus every subsequent ride until you either decide this motorcycling thing is not for you or you harden up.

    'Cos that sort of thing is going to happen a lot.
  5. Nice post Old Sport

  6. What's the soviet union gotta do about this?:tantrum:

  7. Oh LOL, "don't know if serious"........

    You see one day there was an Eagle and a Bear and they had a fight (well pretty much a war of words and innuendo with a bit of posturing here and there, this occurred late ish in the last century' from the 1940's until when the "wall" came down and "Perestroika came about in the late 90's). "The Bear" was widely known as the USSR (The communist's), and the "Eagle" was the good 'ol US of A or (the West).

    Hence why the Soviets became involved in the thread

    Glad to hear you got away unscathed from your close call...........
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    Please STOP NOW!!!!

  9. Get over it, happens on a daily basis.

    this coming from a 22 year old.
  10. Thread of the year so far. Thanks OldSport.
  11. OP, don't take the responses you get from some of the dicks on netrider personally. They would be just as pissed off as you were if it happened to them. Trick is to shake off the anger quickly so that it doesn't keep you distracted for the remainder of your ride.
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  12. #12 Mr Flibble, Feb 5, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014

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  13. Could have been Takami wearing this in the blue car

    He was going so fast because Dougz was chasing him.
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  14. Clipboard0188.

    Whatever the fuck that means...
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  15. I had a cage driver leaning on his horn at me because I stopped at a roundabout when cars were turning right and not indicating.
    I think he was annoyed that a L rider would consider their safety over the cage drivers need to save 30 seconds of travel to get home.

    It's such a shame that my bike takes such a looooooong time to go from stop to 50km/h.

    It annoyed the diggy do dahs out of me
  16. Good advice, agree.

    Ah... no. Well, yes, I would be pissed of, but at myself for not paying due care to the task at hand.

    But this is more good advice.

    A little tough love never hurt a newb, apart from in the butt. There's a lot of fail in his post.
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  17. After living in Canberra, I know there are a lot of knobheads driving there. Just make allowances for them because they really can't see you, you're not important like they are.
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  18. what only in canberra ?

    i thought most knobheads in canberra had a chauferre
    fuk how do spell that lol