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almost had my worst nightmare

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Hey all, Heading for work at 1am this morning, as I'm coming round one of the few bends I have doing about 80km, I see a dark object off to the right.
    As I aproach it starts to move onto the road. I drop down to around 60, said object keeps coming straight for me. manage to come to a standstill and upright. realise it's a bull-calf that has got out of it's paddock. It got to about 2' away before it decided to turn away, thoght it was going to walk straight over me. Anyway was a near miss thankfully. Good thing I always watch the sides of the roads expecting something like that to happen, especially when it's dark. that has always been my biggest fear while riding, that i would have a collision with some kind of animal. One thing I must master though is gearing down while emergency braking, had some fun getting the bike back to first with the sequensial gearbox. good thing it was early morning with no cars around. AHHH ya gotta love the country life, no traffic lights, just the odd farmer or two moving his cows across the road.

  2. stay alert, a guy was killed last year in the Yarra Valley, he rode straight into a full grown bull at night.
  3. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!
  4. worst part he was all black so it was lucky there were streetlights
  5. Being in Canberra and often working the night shift, I'm always worried about Roos... wouldn't like to hit a Roo at 100 clicks.
  6. I've been in a small cage when we hit a roo at 100 clicks, OMG that was the scariest sh*t thats happened to me in a cage (and trust me, I love fanging a cage round for a good time too so it's not like i've been lame in em)

    Hitting any animal at 100 on a bike would be ouchies, would hate to take a magpie to the chest or something like that..... :roll:
  7. yea mate of mine had a head-on with a cockie at 80km, wound up with shattered collarbone
  8. Ask Marty H or Matt about Roo's :rofl:
  9. i neally hit a rabbit the other night...
    was very touch and go.. i heard that a rabit isnt too bad to hit....
    but either way i might go down...
    and i dont want that... not over a stupid rabit.. :LOL:
  10. I know what you mean sdevonuto about the roos (I'm in Queanbeyan). My gal rode over a roo's tail one night on her VFR- close shave.

    Well done country cruiser to be staying alert and upright.
  11. When i was going through the snowies i was accelerating quickly to go past a bus, and an echidna walked out onto the road, i missed it by a foot or so.
    Scared the life out of me...

    And going thru Nymbodia we got chased by a cow :)