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Almost had an off...twice in one ride!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DrewMan, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. So I'm travelling south down Reservoir Road in Blacktown and just passed the intersection of Bungaribee Road and travelling in lane 1 of 2 which ends and merges into lane 2.

    All of a sudden, some idiot decides to come out of his driveway front end first and plant the front half of his car directly in my lane! I managed to brake in time and stopped about 2 metres in front of his car and he gave me a sheepish wave and moved back into his driveway. Needless to say, a death stare was dished out.

    Got on the M4 and got off at the Cumberland Highway and proceeded to travel into Parramatta down the Great Western Highway in the bus lane that starts at Westmead.

    And it happens again.

    Some douche decides to creep out of some side street and stop his car smack in the middle of my lane! Another sheepish wave was given and I contemplated giving him the bird but managed to restrained myself.

    And I've only been riding for three weeks! Can I expect more of this?
  2. Yes...!!!
  3. ^^^wot e' said. SMIDSY.
  4. +1 ^^^ except the unexpected.
    Over time your senses will sharpen and it will seem to become less of a problem.
    ( because you will be riding in defence mode and should be able to predict/avoid MOST situations. Good Luck
  5. Take care in the outer lanes. My mate has had two offs as a result of careless drivers (one a taxi coming out a side street and one a priest out of a driveway) just popping out into the outer lanes. I've seen it on Victoria rd just out of Parramatta so many times.
    Bungaribee rd in Doonside, just near the rainbow, the set of little round-abouts are a potential pain in the kevlar too, especially if you're headed eastbound.

    As the above posters stated, you'll develop your spider-sense soon enough.
  6. Try an do what was taught at the learners course, if you think someone is going to pull out or, possibly is in a position to, begin covering your brakes, and move from 1 side of your lane to the other, breaking up your straight line catches the eye, doesnt work all the time but does in some cases
  7. moving into centre or right lane can also help this. That was definitely something taught at stay upright during my p's test.
  8. Hasn't creeping into main roads from side streets been included in the current driver handbook as a driving technique?

    Especially if you get to block a motorbike, truck, bus, cyclist.

    You get 10 points in GTA for doing that :p
  9. Blocking the 2 wheelers was the fun part. You get to see them go into superman mode!
    Ahh that sure was an wicked game for messing around with a darker sense of humor.