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Almost had an off this morning! Now I feel like a goose!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mud Monkey, May 3, 2006.

  1. After riding since October the closest I have come to an off was this morning, and wow did it scare the crap out of me!

    I was on my way to work heading west along Queens Road in Five Dock (Parallel to Parramatta Rd for those that know the area). Doing about 55k with about 30 metres clear space ahead of me and about 50 behind when a car pulls out of a side street and turns right crossing my path. The car had stopped and looked straight at me but some how didn’t see me.. Anyways I end up grabbing as much brake as I can, front works fine but the I locked up the rear and the back of the bike started sliding right. I’m still lined up with the drivers side door, figure out that what I am doing isn’t working. So I release both brakes (might have kept some front on – not sure), the rear wheel starts co-operating again and I managed to swerve left around the rear end of the car. I think I ended up missing the rear end by about 15 cm I think.

    At this point I have a brain fart and decide that it’s a good idea to do a u turn and go have a “chat” with the car that had pulled out in front of me. I catch him at the next set of lights about 200 metres away and pull up next to his driver’s side door. Now I was never intending to hurt him at all, just let him know really loudly what I thought of him. But when I look in his window, he’s about 70 years old, is leaning away from the door cowering, almost crying and saying sorry repeatedly. It’s then that it kicks in that I am wearing jacket, gloves, helmet etc and might look a lil more scary than I realised. I felt like a right clown, apologised for coming after him, say that he gave me a huge fright and rode off.

    Anyways, in the end I’m at work safe and on time. The bike and his car is fine and I think both of us learnt a few lessons. I am pretty sure we have one more Motorbike aware car driver out there now.

    Sean D

  2. few... good too hear all is a ok.
  3. Niced work on the evade.
    I wouldn't have apologised for turning around... but yes i think you can tell be the responce that there was no lesson to be tought, so a kind explination was probably the way to go... I wouldn't feel like a goose in your position, you did everything right.
  4. damn... thats screwed. I'm glad you ok, and I'm glad the old guy didn't have a heart attack too. Its a pity you couldn't have scared a young guy, that way he would be scared aware of bikes for life.
  5. Yeah mate good call and two lessons learnt
    Mate don't feel like a goose though we all probably would have done the same thing :grin:
  6. The problem is, they see...car- gap - car. From that moment on, the gap is lazer etched in their mind, and they are ready to go right after the first car passes...They appear to be looking right at you, but their brain is still saying "gap"...and they take off. To them, you appear out of nowhere, as it takes a second for their brain to process where you came from. It goes from gap, to bike, but by then it's too late and unless you are able to avoid them, you're a gonner.

    They may appear to be looking right at you, but most of the time they've been looking right past you to the car behind you, which is the thing they are trying to turn in front of.

    Be careful out there...
  7. Glad you and the driver are both OK.

    I think he will be looking more carefully in future, which is always a good thing.
  8. Him being scared is probably a good thing, at least that will be eched in his memory for a while and mabye next time he pulls out of a side street he'll look twice :)

    Good to hear you're ok.
  9. yeah well done on the evade you big meany :twisted:
  10. I never thought about it this way before now. Good advice - will keep that in mind.
  11. glad you missed the car and never crashed! you big bully picking on pensioners...haha j/k nah you did the right thing though mate and have more self control then some who would have ripped the poor old guy a new one anyway :(
  12. Good save! Well done with the braking too. And welcome to one of your strongest road craft lessons.

    If you don't want to read some road craft tips, skip the next few paragraphs:

    Always, and I mean ALWAYS be wary of cars in side streets. Look at their wheels rather than the car as you'll see the wheels rotate before you register the car moving.

    When heading towards any kind of intersection, it's a good idea to have your brakes covered.

    To help the car driver see you, change lane positions or countersteer left right so that your moving light registers on their brain.

    The other thing is make sure your road position doesn't put you in a car "shadow" from the point of view of the car in the side street.

    Here endeth the tips!

    Again, good save and stay safe.


  13. Thanks for the comments guys makes me feel a bit better.

    John I think you summed up the situation pretty well. For him seeing no cars meant there was a gap.

    Oh and one thing I forgot to mention in the first post and it was where I majorly stuffed up, he was driving an Excel. I should have never assumed an Excel driver would do the logical thing!! :)
  14. Heehee you were lucky & the poor guy in the car will stay as far away from bikes in the near future I dare say.
    I had a guy do virtually same thing once, expect he didn't look to see if anything was coming before turning onto the main road. I've been told to expect anything from cagers ("Always expect the worst") & slowed incase he did exaclty what he did. But the thing is, once he'd turned, he held his hand out & waved as if to say "Thanks for stopping & letting me turn"!! The cheek of the bugger!

    I myself came off on Sunday. Wet, rainy day, didn't slow down enough as I approached an intersection, light went amber & slammed on both brakes.... Needless to say wet road & no traction & down I went. (In my experience around where I live the lights are only amber for a second or two & that's if you're lucky! The car/s in front of you gets to go but the lights red by the time you get to the lights.) I'm lucky there wasn't a car in front of me, but then I would have slowed down, but then you think of all the "should have dones" after it's done. I'm fine, rather bruised but no broken bones. The bike has a few superficial scratches & needs new handle bars. But all in all we both came out of it okay.

    And do you know what's even worse? Not one person got out of their nice warm cage to help me pick up the bike or even to see if I was okay! When I did finally get the bike up I noticed the guy in the car behind me had gotten out of his car but got back in once he saw that I had it upright, not even a "Are you okay?"

    But I've learnt my lesson riding in the rain, to ride a few ks under the limit & slow down at any intersections regardless of what colour the lights are.

    Glad you're okay.
    Safe riding!!!
  15. Headlights on or off??

    Dark or bright clothing??

    All of the above affect if they see you or not as well as if the sun is behind you.

    Another problem is Sydney traffic is just a pain full stop, mind you was glad I live out west this morning listening to the fun everyone was having on the Monash freeway.
  16. Maybe think about reporting hime to get a driving test...not great when they lose their license and some independence, but at some stage you need to hang up the keys.
  17. I look at the wheels too, only prob is the latest cage craze is hub caps that still spin when the car is stationary!!! My first encounter with a car fitted with them scared the s##t outa me!!! they should be banned.
  18. Good avoidance, Sean, especially as you did the opposite of a panic reaction and got OFF the brakes.....
  19. Ooh I hate old people! :evil:

    Glad you got got out OK :wink: