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almost had accidents last night, wish everyone safe on road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ericgao, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Focu and concentration on the bike!
    i nearly killed myself last night on way back to wollgong.
    i have travelled on the southbound easteren distributor thousdands of time and know there is a quite tight curve around airport. i was thinking about my lega case assignement while approaching that curve. i was riding in the middle of overtaking lane. the road turns right.I suddenly realized i was too close to road fence (30-50 cm) and almost hit. Forgot counter steering at emeergency. My first insticnt was to brake. i could not remember whether i used rear break. my bike jumped on the road. speed down to 50 from 80. hit kerbside a little bit and my steer lock in the fairing storage flied away. The huge 4 wheel drive behind me did not slow down and passed me inches away. Gosh, i amost killed myself on Easter Eve. and definately no chance for me to resurrect.
    what i learned fromt the terribel experiences is riding allows no mistakes and let go all thoughts and focus while on the bike.
    Wish everyone safe on the road and do not same stupid things as i did
    Happy easter

  2. i know how that feels i was riding home from my pairs last night i had just dropped my son off there it was his first ride on the rode he is 9 but i was on my way home and it started teeming with rain and all of a sudden on a couple of patches of road my back wheel was loose not to help that the tyre is almost stuffed on wear indicators getting a new one next month but for sure mind on the road at all time and forget everything else. On a bike you have to ride for the bloody idiot in cars as well
  3. Re: almost had accidents last night, wish everyone safe on r

    Just to state the obvious... Don't carry it there. It'll kill you or someone else!
  4. Woo woo.... grammar police!!!
  5. Re: almost had accidents last night, wish everyone safe on r

    Ditto. I carry mine in the underseat storage. I've put it in my jacket pocket before but have since thought that is a terrible idea. The thought of landing on the in an off, smashing my hip, is not something i want to experience.
  6. yeah mate - look at the title - he has put a plural for "accidents" when it was clearly one accident! lol
  7. Give the guy a break, so he hasn't got perfect english. "he has put a plural for accidents" is not exactly Shakespearian either.
  8. Click me.
  9. funny.... LOL

    children are so creative. :p
  10. Are you calling me a child?

    That is so ironical i find it sarcasmic.
  11. LOL - Mate it asks you if you would like to set Kleenex as your home page LOL
    I didn't see the point of the click me :?

    "If you've got some issues, get some tissues"
  12. relax dude, or gal

    just a bit of gentle flaming, no need to get too defensive.

    wasn't really directed at you anyway, just accidently quoted your post as well.
  13. You can tell ericgao was really shaken up. Prior to this his grammar was faultless.....

    ....but in all seriousness, yeah, you need to be switched on at all times. Put it down to a lucky lesson that didn't cost you much more than a new pair of undies and learn from it.

    Safe Easter Everyone....
  14. hi, everyone. thanks for reminding me of grammar mistakes. English is not my first language and i am still working on it. I knew it is still a long way to go.
    Happy Easter. Safe and happy riding
  15. Well done ericgao, nice way to make us all feel guilty....
    Sorry mate lol
  16. Indeed, mate, any experience that you survive without pain or cost is a good one.....

    English is a beggar of a language even if it's your FIRST language :LOL:
  17. Ditto, what's funny about this, when thousands of families bear the daily anguish of caring for children and parents who are not blessed with the perfect faculties we possess???? There's been some low stuff on this forum, but that's just disgusting; what were you thinking of, or are you just an 'I'm alright jack' type??
    Shame :evil:
  18. Majority of people will find it funny.

    Nothing can satisfy everyone.

    It was funny 5 years ago
  19. Let it be Paul, I have worked in the disability sector for 20 years this year and don't find that picture in the least funny either.
    The only reason to snigger would be when those people (the ones that do find it funny) finally grow up and have kids of their own and the baby is born with a disability and they have to raise the child and finally come to understand the anguish or raising a child with a disability. ;)
  20. Well done ericgao on learning the English language. far too many people in this country that chose for it to be their home and don't understand or can't read the local language :applause: