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Almost had a "Poppy" Moment

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Hipster Doofus, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Watch Seinfeld? Seen the episode where Jerry & the girlfriend go to Poppys for a meal. Jerry goes to the tiolet & Poppy does not wash his hands then get down & dirty with the pizza dough?

    Well I was at fountain gate & had lunch. Hands are sticky so I go wash them in the toilets.

    The wash basins are seperate from the stalls so I'm there cleaning up & this guy walks out from the stall area putting on an apron & heads straight for the door.

    I follow & guess where he goes? To the same sort of place Poppy has. In my horror I had to laugh.

    That's one place I will never be eating from.
  2. I ALWAYS wonder when I see chefs and kitchen hands out the back of the place, smoking. Do they wash their hands before they handle food again?
  3. and so many chefs smoke. i know at my work the head chef is very clear on hand washing. u have to wash your hands after you do anything outside the kitchen.

    another thing to wonder is to all kitchens use seperate chopping boards, for like cooked meat and raw meat, red meat white meat etc.
  4. Given that there's only one pizza joint in FG's food court, it's not hard to work out which one it is.

    Will let the missus and the daughter know. They usually grab a pizza or pasta from there whenever we visit the place.
  5. Hehehe I better not tell you about the chef I used to work with who'd bang out the Veal scallopini's WHILST smoking :roll:
  6. most the time it’s better not to know what goes on behind the front of food shops... just about every place would have a horror story of some sort that would make you go ewwwww I will never go there again....
  7. Did you actually see him start making food? I'm pretty sure most places have a seperate place to wash hands inside the kitchen, otherwise everyone who works their has to go to the toilets to wash their hands which would be ridiculous.

    Edit: Haha, still doesn't change the fact he didn't wash his hands while still in the toilets though...
  8. I remember watching some TV show on germs and how taps in public places are rather dirty and covered with germs...after all you turn them on before you wash your hands...Wash your hands...then touch them handles again to turn it off...

    Nother hot spot for germs is the auto hand driers in public toilets
  9. I have an alternate arguement. When you wash up in the public toilet the last thing you touch is what? The tap. The same tap you just touched with your 'dirty' hands. The same tap the last guy/girl touched with their 'dirty' hands.
    5 guys go to the loo one after the other, with five different coloured gels on their man bits representing germs.
    After each has finished he goes to the tap with his coloured gel on his hands and turns the tap on, gel now on the tap. He washes his hands clean and then turns the tap off, resulting in him getting the gel back on his hands.
    Each of the five men do this with the last man now walking out with five different coloured gels(5 mens germs) on his hands.
    If I walk out without washing, I walk out with one mans germs on my hands, my own!

    So the question is, do you believe your personal hygiene is better than that of the last 5 guys who touched those taps? Because if you believe it is you are better off to not touch those taps!
  10. But Triway, have you never thought to use paper to turn the taps on/off and use more paper to open the toilet doors???

    You might have walked out of the toilet with only your germs on you, but you've just shared your unwashed hand germs with countless others on the door handle.....
  11. Nope!
  12. Yes it's terrible, but do YOU wash your hands and obey all hygene standards when you cook at home? I bet not.
    Seriously, you go to pubs, you are exposed to much more in the way of bad hygene but don't give it another thought!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I believe they (those faceless ones) did a check on those little bowls of peanuts that you get in some hotel bars, and found that there was a significant percentage of urine in the peanuts. :cry: Guys not washing their hands after the toilet visit. I never eat peanuts from a bar. :cry:
  14. Andrew, I work with food and am just as obsessive about hygiene at work as I am at home. The kids at work often call me mum 'cos I always ask them if they've washed their hands *shrugs* better to be safe than be sorry.

    I am super careful of cross contamination of any sort. I guess its a big part of why I so rarely get sick.
  15. An excellent philosophy too.

    If this guy couldn't be bothered washing his hands after using the toilet, what guarantee is there that he'll wash up before handling food?

    I find the idea of such a lack of personal hygiene, gross, to say the least.

    What about the practice of using latex gloves when handling food. You get your souvlaki or whatever, then you hand the girl your money, which she handles while still wearing the gloves, and gives you the change, while still wearing the gloves, then serves the next customer, while still wearing the gloves (repeat as necessary).

    It's amazing how many people have days off because of a "tummy bug" as some tend to call gastric problems. All because of poorly handled food, undercooked chook or whatever.

    My daughter and her husband visited his grandmother. She had a pot of soup of some sort sitting, cold on the stove. She heated it up. Both of them got crook afterwards. Grandmother was OK. Why? Probably because she was used to eating food that is contaminated.

    Getting back to food handling practices in food outlets, apparently there is little that health inspectors can do. Their power is apparently limited. There are calls to tighten up on the regs. But in the end, what could "police" such practices is the risk of litigation, I s'pose.
  16. I've had this discussion at the pub many times. Here's my take on washing your hands (warning, could gross people out...)

    So, you're at the pub right? You've been touching all sorts of crap, beer glasses, tables, door handles, cutlery and crockery if you've had a meal, urine soaked peanuts etc, etc.

    You then go to the bathroom, touching door handles that have (in all likelihood) been touched by other people who probably didn't wash their hands.

    This is the bit that freaks me out... you then unzip your pants with your dirty, dirty hands, then grab hold of your urinating device. Your clean urinating device. Your very special, want to keep safe urinating device because not only is it a urinating device, but it's your procreating device as well.

    So you've taken your dirty disgusting hands and transferred all the gross germs onto your clean willy, and you want to wash your hands AFTER peeing?? I shower every morning, and my willy generally stays relatively dirt/germ free throughout the day, unless I pee on my hands (which I learnt not to do at a very young age), what possible germs could I have on my willy that could be any worse than all the shit that's crawling around on my hands that I've picked up from all the dirty crap I've been touching all day.

    Personally, I wash my hands before peeing, and then make sure I don't pee on them.
  17. MAN - after reading these posts about getting germs on your hands from toilet doors, taps etc, makes me think being a bubble boy (r la seinfeld episode) isn't such a bad thing after all.

    Our bodys immune system can deal with alot of the germs etc in everyday life so i think good old common sense prevails.

    I just stick to what my mum used to drill into me when I was a kid.

    Under 30's here probably wont get the above line.
  18. The trouble is there are so many more bugs (and nasty ones at that :? ) that people pass to others. I know our bodies can deal with a lot (if we let them), so I take not extraordinary care of myself. I don't eat at places I think may not have good hygiene practices; I eat at lots of different places, different styles of food, etc. I have never had food poisoning.

    Most food poisoning cases are from intenstinal type bugs, eg. E Coli, which suggests the food handler (OR the food eater) has consumed food which has been contaminated after a visit to the loo. I know I have excellent handwashing practices, but I also know most people DON'T.
  19. My dad's a doctor, and even if friend's or whatever see him, he keep strict patient confidentiality.

    The ONE thing he has told me is to avoid a certain Cheesecake Shop in Sydney...

    "STD's, dad?"

    "The manager is a biohazard."