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Almost got wiped out, new found hate for car drivers.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. grr, arg, grr.

    coming home from work at 7am, I live on a busy road, and coming up the road with no traffic, but going against flat out peak hour traffic heading into the city.

    I stop to turn right - needing to cross 2 lanes of peak hour city-seeking traffic, to get into my house.

    which means i have to wait a long time for a gap.

    I position myself in the right 'track' of the road, with my indicator on, and front brakes on, more for visiability rather than the need for brakes.

    I have a habit of watching for a gap, then watching in my right mirror whats happening behind me, over and over.

    As I'm waiting, most cars slow right down, merge to the left lane well before they reach me, some use a bit more risk.

    a certain red little hatch fcuked up nicely.

    wasn't paying attention, was in the right lane, didn't see me waiting there till it was a bit of a wake up call, decides to use 3/4 of my lane and just scoot past me

    veers out of the direct path to me, realises theres a car in his blind spot on the left, veers DIRECTLY toward me, with alot less than the 3 second gap... realises he's about to slam me head on into traffic from a 60km shunt up my 100kg arse, locks up the anchors, waits for the blind spot car to shoot past, then yanks a left hand down and JUST misses me, skittles off the left gutter a tad, slows down to 40 to see if i'm still upright, then takes off in a hurry.

    Possibly the closest to death I've been able to see coming, to date.
  2. Sh!t, man glad you still here to tell the tale.

    I've never liked stopping in the right lane of any road no matter what I am in or on, there are just too many people out there talking or texting on the mobile, checking their hair and/or makeup, or just changing radio stations :evil:
  3. A real motorcyclists would have pinned the throttle and gotten the hell out of there.

    You had ample time to watch what was happening, why didnt you just nail it to get away?
  4. Have a habit of doing that myself.

    But HOLY HELL, Matty thats a close call.
    Hope the cager threw his wheel alignment out & then some by hitting the gutter.
  5. agree with the sentiment, but not the delivery... I wasn't there so there may have been circumstances which precluded that option.

    Glad to hear you survived.

    Were you pointing into the oncoming traffic already? Perhaps it would be better to keep pointing straight until you are about to turn - that way if the same situation happened you could do as Vic says. One of the main protection mechanisms on bikes is the ability to maneouver and accelerate, and we need to be ready to take advantage of that when needed.

    Regardless - you know what you did, and you can expect at some point a car will again behave similarly. You can learn, and next time be ready for this sort of act.
  6. Yah.. I'm a true genius, instead of doing the intended "nail it to get away" I plan for by leaving it in gear, I kept looking at the car saying in my mind "go left, go left, stop, fcuk, stop, motherfcuker, STOP!"

    I think next time it'll be more like "jeez this guys leaving it a bit la... fcuk it, seeya!" and crack that throttle.
  7. my front wheel was facing dead straight, but at the angle he would've hit me, it would've been the left tyre wall and left leg that copped the brunt of it, so it wouldn't have done any good, i literally would've been shot-put'd into peak hour traffic.
  8. :eek:
    Fscking morons, eh?
  9. that 'real' needs to be in caps, and you forgot the :p at the end, or are you being mean?! I just had a near death experience damn it, shower me with sympathy oh vic'ly one! :p

  10. me and my mates dont call them car drivers we call em Bike Hunters
  11. The power/accelleration of bikes can get you into trouble as fast as it can get you out of it, experience is knowing when to use that grunt to get you the hell out of there.

    Old saying for bikes and for my money it's true. "If in doubt, power it"
  12. Speaking of mirrors, last Friday afternoon in Braeside whilst on my way home in the car I witnessed an accident in my rear view mirror. I was in a 60 zone, there was a Kingswood waiting to turn right at a side street on my left and there was a bike about 50 metres behind me. You guessed it, the car waited for me to pass and then as I looked in my mirror he decided to make his move right in front of the bike. The bike tried to swerve but didn't have enough time, collected the front of the car & down he went. I did a u turn and stopped. The rider was ok (but shaken), the bike wasn't too bad and the driver was quite shaken up. Gave the rider my details as a witness and left as there was nothing else I could assist with.
    I am betting that from now on the driver will be more bike aware, but it shouldn't take an incident like that to open his eyes..
  13. I have always tried to avoid leaving myswelf in such a vulnerable position Mattyb. In your situation, I would go the long way to be turning left into my house (even if that means having an extra 5 minutes of city hunting traffic!).

    I have been known to take some seemingly strange routes, but my safety is too important to be left in the hands of inattentive cagers.
  14. MattyB - i'm glad you're ok - i live on a fairly busy road and gave up doing right hand turns into my drive except in bright sunlight. Had on e car lock and slide up to about 3 inches off my rear - i disappeared in a cloud of ribber smoke. That was the last time, it's a pain but i go a k past my house to do a right hand reserved lane turn and then come back and do a left up a double drive a couple of doors down. Disgusted but you gotta survive.
  15. Yeah sorry, my bad I forgot the smiley :grin: I figured you'd know where I was coming from :)
  16. Perhaps it is simply a matter of "easier said than done" ???

    I have had the exact same experience as MattyB where a girl was texting and didnt see me until she was a few metres away. I knew all about the idea of getting out of there as quickly as possible but in the split second i had it just didnt happen. I think now i would be more prepared for it and i would probably perofrm better.
  17. Damn :(

    Even in the car I'm looking for gaps and checkin the mirrors when turning right, and often get a moron thats asleep at the wheel behind me.

    What pisses me off is that your guy didnt brake when he realised you were there, but kept going the same speed, trying to simply merge and thats it - i hate the type! Hell, brake, STOP behind me, yes, waste the 30 seconds of your precious time if need be...

    I'm happy to hear you're ok.
  18. I know the type.

    They're so abundant here. Everyone speeds so much, and then slams on the brakes when they realise that traffic ahead is SLOWING DOWN.
  19. jeez mate i'm glad you escaped that one, sounds like it was close.

    I nearly got taken out on the way to work tonight in the city, riding in the right lane and a car stopped on the left side of the road suddenly indicates and hooks right across the road for a U-turn at the same time. Luckily I had eased off the throttle beacause i was a little wary of what he was doing there, if not for that i would have tboned him cause there was nowhere to turn.
  20. I'll remember that tip. Next time I see a bike in the right hand lane waiting to turn, I can just thunder up behind him in the cage knowning he will see me coming and crack the thottle to get out of my way! :LOL:

    Seriously though, glad the moron missed you. I had an experience like that while driving my car. Sitting in the right hand lane at the intersection of roe hwy (80kmh) and beach road at a red light, I checked my mirrors to see a dark blue magna belting up behind me, clouds of tyre smoke billowing from the fronts. I sat their like a stunned mullet for maybe a second before nailing the gas and popping the clutch.
    Because of the open nature of the intersection, crossing traffic saw what was happening and stopped, but I only got 2 car lengths into the intersection before I got nailed. Guess a car can't accelerate like a bike huh?

    The idiot left a 53 metre long skid mark and did $2,500 (in 1998 value) damage to the back of my moving forward vehicle.
    Later on I found out he was charged with careless/inattentive driving.
    I remember his suname, "christmas". Been a bit of a family joke about me trying to avoid christmas ever since!