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Almost got decapitated.....tonight...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dr DRIFT, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. :mad:

    On my way home from work at about 9pm, I pulled into Macdonalds on the ring rd, outbound. Filled up petrol, paid then started the bike and started to ride out of the carpark. As I got to the end of the carpark, I went to turn left onto the exit and I saw what looked like 3 lines of spiderwebs......? But it was braided fishing line...Now if you know fishing lines then you will know that braid is very very tough stuff. luckily I was turning and was only doing bout 30klms and was able to slow down to a stop before it pulled me off the bike...the car behind me stopped just in time, the car behind her stopped and he got out and helped me untangle myself and was asking if I was alright. He saw me go through but said it was to late to try and warn me.....anyway some fcuk wit out their must think it is really funny to try and do stupid shit like this....? I am just so lucky that I was able to stop in time or I reckon I would of come off and dropped the bike.....

  2. mate, you lucky.

    perhaps, report it to the police.
  3. Probly bored kids with no life ! :evil:

    Lucky you werent going faster!! :shock:
  4. G'day everyone,.......

    Glad your ok Dr DRIFT,.......sounds like someone just saw the movie "Stone!"

    Yesterday night I almost got run over by a kangaroo,...came at me from the side.

    Dr Who?
  5. I, Ktulu, formally pledge to commit the act of unlawful [but justified] assault against any unauthorised persons witnessed erecting any obstruction across a public roadway with the intent to cause damage or injury.

    ... with extreme prejudice.
  6. Thanks all, Yes it could of been alot worse...I just cant belive that in a busy macdonalds carpark that no one saw who ever it was erect the fishing line(braid)....? There was at least 3 to 4 rounds of it between the trees at the exit. when seated on the bike it was about neck height....

    My heart is still going...I felt so helpless when it happened, But If i had of been going just 10klms faster I would of dropped the bike for sure, I only just managed to stop the bike...just..
  7. Anti-social pricks that do that sort of thing would have stayed around to watch the results of their handy work, they wouldn't have been far away imo, and in todays world there is good chance that they where recording it on a cam, i would have started searching for them around there.
  8. I was on a one way exit onto the freeway and by the time I untangled myself with the help of a few other car drivers(took about 2mins) there was a line of cars (bout 8-10 cars)wanting to get onto the freeway but where stuck behind me and it created a jam... So I couldnt turn around back into the carpark.
  9. Pricks.. typical ardeer / sunshine morons.. Work near by and fair dinkum its like i enter another world when i get to work.. Hopefully they will get there right whack, like a Mack truck runs through there bedroom wall and the steer wheel comes to rest on there head.. :evil: Ok maybe over the top... :-w
  10. Definantly .. they may have a few reports in the past about this, and just need more to help narrow downs teh times and perhaps review surveliiance tapes etc.
  11. after what just happened or even worse what could of happened it....It aint over the top.....I still cant belive it happened....really thought this sort of stuff is only in the movies.... I mean what sort of satisfaction does someone get by doing something like this.....It could of been anyone on a bike and they could of seriously got injured... and they would of dumped their pride and joy tooo....

    what is this world coming too......?
  12. Do every other biker a favor and report it Dr Drift. This kind of stuff scares the crap out of me.
  13. This type of thing makes me really angry :evil: :evil: Relieved to hear that you okay albeit that this type of bullshit shouldnt have happened and good to know some cagers helped you out.

    I strongly suggest reporting it to the police as hopefully either the Maccas or servo (or both) have some cameras recording nearby or in the carpark & police cant investigate what theyre not informed about.

    Besides that, these sick fcukers could still be there or come back later to set another one up or pick another location.
  14. Not Perhaps... I'd say reporting it is a must.
  15. I will go to the local cop shop tomorrow after work and report it....
  16. or can I do a report over the phone....never reported anything before..
  17. Oh you can call them...

    "Yes, I'd like to report an attempted murder please..."

    This came up a while ago with wire - there's some pretty damn serious consequenced for being charged with "laying a man-trap" :shock:
  18. I imagine that many of us can relate other senseless acts that midgetbrains have inflicted on us.

    The only one that immediately springs to my mind is about the occasion that young thoughtless passengers in the rear of a panelvan (remember those?) lobbed empty glass stubbies out to smash in the vicinity of my front wheel at night as I rode behind.

    And likely others have copped a smouldering cigarette butt flitting up inside the fullface. On another occasion the burning butt landed on my chest so I motored up beside the assailant and handed it back through his open driver's window. (That was before aircon brought-on closed windows).
  19. All these acts are bad....but they could be classed as careless and/or even unintentional......As for what happened a few hours ago...it is plan and simple....out to hurt someone...causing intentional injury and thousands of dollars of damage to someones bike(property)....and for what....?
  20. Wow, I'm impressed that you saw it, Dr DRIFT. You must pay close attention when you're on your bike. Definitely report it. It's deadly serious, literally.